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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals Revisited

So, it seems appropriate for the last day of the year to look back at my goals and see where I got.  Mostly, I've decided not to have goals anymore because goals are a big freaking pain. At some point, I added submit one short story per month, but it's not showing up on here... huh. 

Here are my goals from this year (I made them in March, so that's how I could cheat and add the agent thing) : 

Writing Plans for 2011:

Finish Honor 7. (Completed) 
Revise Secrets of Skin and Stone. (Completed) 
Submit short stories. (Completed--both stories were accepted in the anthologies I submitted them to.  Mystery Times Ten 2011 and Undead is Not an Option.) 

Get agent. (Wooo wahoo!) (Yay)

Do revisions of Secrets of Skin and Stone. (Completed a set of revisions)
Work on short story project. (I probably did.) 

Finish Sentinel's Run. (At some point during the year I finished Sentinel's Run.)

Revision of Curse Me A Story for Sarah. (I did... but it's not quite done.) 
"Six month" scheduled revision of Versus the Bounty and The Unseen Kingdom. (Nope.)

Finish My Other Life. (Nope.) (I wrote Promises of Light and Dark instead.)

Finish Chosen Changeling. (Nope.)

Revise Honor Series. (Crap. No.)

Work on short stories or Honor 8. (Short stories... done.)

Revise Scorched. (Crap. No.)
Revise Good Girls Don't Date Mutants. (I started a revision on Mutants but I haven't completed it.)

NaNoWriMo novel (Completed 50K. I did five novellas instead of a novel.)

Revise Sentinel's Run and begin Sentinel's Run Book Two. (Uhh. No. I did manage to submit 11 short stories during 2011.) 

I'm still working on a revision of Secrets of Skin and Stone... well, I'm waiting on Sarah with that.  I've revised it three or four or five times this year.  

Per my earlier announcement I did get a short story picked up by Entangled Publishing. 

I did actually finish writing my entry for Mystery Times Ten for 2012, but I need to do another revision on it. I could have probably powered through it and subbed it tonight, but I like eleven better than twelve anyway, so there wasn't a lot of incentive.

I fell behind in some ways this year and made some progress in others.  I read around 89 books, did five betas, and I did quite a few requested revisions for editors and for Sarah.

Outside of writing, I lost fifty lbs this year--so that's pretty cool.  

Then, there were parenting struggles and sickness and injury.  It hasn't been all fun and games.  

Next year... okay, I do have some goals.

Goals for 2012

I want to do more reviewing. I'm hoping to review all my favorite books on Amazon--just my favorite books--and just on Amazon. 

I want to lose the last fifteen lbs. to my goal. 

I want to finish revising Secrets of Skin and Stone for the last time with Sarah.

I intend to submit to Mystery Times Ten Contest by its deadline of January 31st. 

I have some short stories to revise for editors, and I'll do that.

My only specific writing goals are that I want to revise and resubmit Honor.  I want to finish my revision of Mutants.  Also, I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. That's about it. 

In social media goals, I want to work a little harder on keeping up on my blog and creating an author website.  It's been a tough year, and I keep feeling like I'm dropping behind--in fact, I need to write a few blog posts and retro-post them in regards to Christmas and the nativity display. (I did take a bunch of pictures, and I'll post them--soon.)  I can't seem to keep up.  B got the stomach flu for Christmas and my son had it before her.  It's been... fun. 

Anyway, that's it. I hope everyone is having a good New Year's Eve.  See you next year. ; ) 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

News! News! New news!

So, earlier this week, I signed a contract with Entangled Publishing for them to publish in ebook a short story/novella that I wrote.  (It's 10K, so I'm not sure how that precisely shakes out in most people's minds.) I received permission from the editor I'll be working with (Heather Howland) to announce it, so I announced it on Twitter earlier. It's titled "On the List" currently.

It should be published in the spring in ebook. (So, it'll hit Amazon and such sites.) Here is a little more about the Flirt line: http://networkedblogs.com/rg0vo  The covers of the books from Entangled are gorgeous... and that has me extra, extra, extra excited about it.

This will be my third short story published this year, but this one isn't a contest or for publishing credits, so it's a bit more exciting in terms of progress.

I've submitted other stuff to Entangled that they're currently considering so it's possible I might have more news with them to announce in the future.  I hope.  *fingers crossed*

Thanks, everyone, for your support.  *hugs all around*