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Thursday, September 16, 2010

So, my old friend, we meet again

I got a revision request from an agent on Curse Me A Story. I'm excited and nervous about it. I'm, by nature, extremely pessimistic and cynical. (The world is a hostile place to those with OCD--so we're always waiting for that other shoe to drop.) So, I'm still trying to convince myself this is a step forward and not just more treading water.

Anyway, she wants me to bump it up to a strict YA audience (it was flirting with MG) and flesh out some of the characters. I did a reread last night and marked a bunch of points in my Kindle that I think I need to deal with. The previous revision on it... really kicked it up a notch. I like when I have my expectations exceeded from my memory of a manuscript. (With how bad my memory is... this happens more often than you'd think.)

Unfortunately, I'm exhausted. This insomnia jag isn't relenting like they normally do. If I've slept more than four hours on a night--that is the exception rather than the rule for the last three weeks.

I still want to tackle this revision... because, let's face it, I'm perpetually sleep-deprived, but I think it might take a bit longer than normal.

When I'm done, I'm hoping to con some of those that have read it before into a reread. *shiny eyes*

Okay, I have cleaning to do and some stew in the crockpot. Later, gators.

Oh... I read Paranormalcy by Kiersten White last night... in like three hours. If you haven't picked this book up... for shame. It was so thoroughly addicting that I didn't put it down the first time until it was too dark to see. I'd only intended to glance through it when it came from Amazon yesterday. Instead, I forgot to eat dinner and the kids got my C game for the most part.

Seriously... go get this book. It rocked. Also, follow Kiersten on Twitter because she is super, super, super nice.


  1. Congrats on the revision request, and good luck with it. I hope you start sleeping better soon.

  2. Way to go on the revision request! That is always a good sign.

    Paranormalcy is awesome, so true!

  3. That's awesome news Wendy! *keeps fingers crossed*

    Oh, I agree with you about Paranormalcy. It's up there with my all-time favorite books now.

  4. The news about the revision request--AWESOME!

    If you want me to beta for you when you're done, I would be more than happy to!

    Also, "The world is a hostile place to those with OCD--so we're always waiting for that other shoe to drop." <--- SOO true, my friend. So true.

  5. Congrats on the revision request!!

    You poor thing though, there's nothing worse than insomnia!!

  6. Congratulations again on the revision request!! Count on me for a re-read xo

    Paranormalcy was INSANE, hehe Tasey... I can't wait for Supernaturally!!

  7. Congrats on the forward progress, good lady! 'Cause revision requests ARE forward progress, after all.