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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's in a name... besides EVERYTHING!

Okay, so *deep breath* Sarah the Wonder Agent wants me to write up a summary for the third book in the Secrets of Skin and Stone series of books. The film agent with the agency feels like the plot for the first book might not be big enough for a film, so she is currently reading over the second book, Promises of Light and Dark, along with Sarah. Since producers sometimes combine a series of books into a single film... they'll need to know the plot of the third book.

The third book.

The one I haven't written... other than about 500 words which wouldn't let me sleep.

So, I'd be writing... wait for it... a plot summary.

*Wendy runs screaming across the internet clutching her pantsy nature to her chest*

Everyone I told this too has reacted with mad laughter and even some snort laughing. I've gained a bit of a reputation as a straight pantser among my betas... especially since everyone finds it unreal that I don't know how a book ends until I get there and I'm breathing down its neck. My husband suggested I'd have more luck just writing the entire third book before the Sunday deadline.

He might be right.

I'm determined to try, though. To that end, I need to settle on a name. (Not that it won't ever be changed... but I like to have a name in place so that I can make sure I tie it in nicely throughout the book. I hate when a book doesn't fit its title.)

Okay, so it's the third in the series and I like the structure I've got going with the other two:

1) Secrets of Skin and Stone

2) Promises of Light and Dark

So, for the third, I've picked two different names but I'm open to suggestion if you all think these are stinky.

Whispers of Sin and Salvation

Whispers of Good and Evil

Do you like either of those? Or do you have suggestions?

Thanks, everyone. *blows kisses to all of you*

ETA Amalia suggested something with "Fate" and I'm liking:

Fate of Flesh and Spirit

What do you think?

ETA AGAIN: HOLD THE PHONE... actually my good friend on Twitter and beta reader @TechSurgeons came up with the right title (of course, he's cheated and read the two previous books so he had a head start on most of you.) This works on a few levels that only beta readers might get, so it's perfect for my working title.

It'll be titled:

3.) Betrayals of Blood and Spirit

Thanks, everyone who played along for the short burst of time I was working on this. *hugs all around*


  1. Hm, I'm horrible at coming up with titles, but I do like Whispers of Sin and Salvation!

  2. I like Whispers of Sin and Salvation.

  3. I like Whispers of Good and Evil :)
    Good luck!!!! I bet you'll do well, because you're that awesome.

  4. I feel like Sin and Salvation might be a bit extra heavy. I'd go with Whispers of Good and Evil first. But what about FATE of Good and Evil or something that is ____ of Secrets and Promises, tying the first two titles together?

    I have no idea really because I suck at titles myself. but those are my thoughts!

  5. Ohhhh... that's good, Amalia! I was trying to think of something along the same lines that also implied it's the end of the series... and Fate sort of does imply that. Hmmm.

  6. Thanks, KT! ; )

    Thanks, LT and Ashe. *hugs*

  7. I also like the idea of "Fate." Thinking along those lines, I thought, "Portants of Good and Evil."

    I like Whispers of Sin and Salvation best of the two, but agree it might be a mouthful. Hard to fit on a book cover, you know?

    Then again, Kim Harrison has "The Outlaw Demon Wails" which isn't exactly short and sweet, and it sold just fine. :)

  8. Really liking Fate of Flesh and Spirit. It goes back to skin and goes well with what I see as the theme of the series.

    And I did laugh about you writing a summary before the book. BUT, I know you can do it, cause you're nine kinds of awesome. :)

  9. Thanks for all your help on Twitter, Jenn! Mwah! Mwah!

    Andy, that's what I'm thinking too... and you've read the other two, so you know how it works on several levels. Awww... nine kinds of awesome. *hugs*

  10. I'm jumping in again to change my vote for... Fate of Flesh and Spirit. Although I LOVE Whispers of Sin and Salvation, I think Fate of Flesh and Spirit will fit better with other two titles.

  11. *reacts with mad laughter the the thought of Wendy plotting*

    Wait... that wasn't the reaction you were going for, was it? :)