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Friday, October 21, 2011

Trapping Plot Bunnies

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us!  (National Novel Writing Month--where writers try to crank out 50K in a single month.)

So, I've gotten the go-ahead from Sarah to participate this year.  I'm trying to decide which story to go with.  I have two WIPs that I'm tempted to cheat and ADD 50K onto them to finish them, but that feels wrong.  Then, earlier this week, I thought maybe I'd write a MG book which I plotted out a bit.  My sisters are pushing me to do Honor 8 for this, and I'm almost tempted because Honor's head is fun to be in and that might help with stress--plus, with Honor on Twitter, there'd be someone to talk to about the plot. I also have a few sketched out ideas in their own documents that I've had... that could be expanded on.

So, in the end, what do you write about when you almost have too many choices?

You write the one that won't get out of your head--the one that won't leave you alone.

I've had this one story stuck in my head since April of this year which is in the sketched out idea in a document category.  I considered asking opinions on what I should work on, but the fact that my brain keeps going back to this one idea and has since April... I'd just be annoyed with myself if I went with anything else.

It's nice that I've decided... now, I just have to write it--starting November 1st.  By the way, the title is A Mused.


  1. I actually had a story idea slap me in the face the other day, and I am genuinely excited about it, though very nervous. I've been writing in one "easy" genre- not that the genre itself is easy, but it's been easy for me to practice putting together stories and characters, just basically getting my feet wet.

    Now this new story absolutely must be in a different genre. And it's one I feel comfortable with, and if I were to ever be published, I would want this type of book to be out on the shelf with my name on it, but it's different. It's far more complicated and requires a lot of research and details... and 50K just ain't gonna cut it.

    I'm being good and not actually writing until Tuesday, but I've been doing research and looking at inspirational images and such...

    Good luck to you!

  2. Lol. I'm totally using Nano to add 50k to my sequel. It might be cheating, but IT WORKS. Besides, it makes me feel all rebellious and stuff.

    *puts on leather jacket* *does James Dean pose*

    (I like your title, btw!)