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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cue Crazy Screaming And Muppety Arms

So, I told you my novella would be out today...

Kate and Jack have all the regular marital problems of a couple who have been married a while.  The sex has cooled.  She’s concerned that he’s not emotionally invested in their relationship.  Distance is definitely a problem—mostly because, as the King of the winter world, Jack Frost can’t make it down to sunny Florida where Kate has been hiding for seven years.  After falling through the ice and marrying the king of winter himself, Kate is the one with cold feet…and cold everything else.  Now her work drags her to Denver, Colorado where Jack has one last chance of convincing his run-away bride to come home for good. 

Dudes, there are no words. I've been at this for four years... I've got my unofficial bachelor's in "It's tough to be a writer" and I just got through one of the worst years ever...and then there's this... MY NAME IS ON THERE. I just want to grab you and shake you until you realize how significant this is because you can't possibly... THAT'S MY NAME. I did that. 


It's good to be me today. 


  1. WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Congrats! I'm going to download it right now (but I can't promise when I'll be able to read it--so freaking busy!) =D xoxo

  2. So cool! Congratulations! I am happy for you. Are you doing blog tours and the like?

  3. Natalie, my TBR pile...it languishes. *sighs* I am so far behind on reading books. Even with how many books I read last year...I'm so far behind. So many good books...so little time.

  4. Kait, *high-fives back* I feel like I've joined a club now. : ) I like it!

  5. Jennifer, yep. I'm doing blog tours in February. I'm somewhat intimidated by all the branding stuff I have to do (I've been working on an author page on Facebook today) but I think I might enjoy blog tours. I used to do a lot of blog hops before I discovered Twitter and my life got sucked into the void that is Twitter. (But I love Twitter anyway.)

  6. Congratulations! You're living the dream. How exciting!