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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life Outside of Writing?

I'd planned on doing a long blog post on how awesome B's new education plan was...but then I found out that it was a "proposed" plan and that the Jr. High will most likely dump half of it. I'm still waiting to hear more.

B, on the other hand, has been having so much fun lately. She turned 12 and in our church that's a big birthday because she moved up to the Young Women's group where she is making friends and having a blast. She went to a scripture lock-in at someone's house last weekend and she's busy doing all sorts of girl activities during the week and on Sunday she gets to be with the girls 12-18 now. She. Loves. It.

T did his last Pinewood Derby and finally did the shark car he'd always wanted to. He went through four days of standardized testing this year and he hasn't come down from that stress.

They're both in school for another week and a half. B's teacher and several other teachers are being laid off at the end of this school year due to budget issues. (Originally there were 9 out of 23 being laid off--I think they're down to 7.) So this end of year has been even more bittersweet than normal.

I've been diving into writing more--partly to deal with the rest of life's stress. I can't seem to cope if I'm not writing or revising. On my writing site, I've been posting either short stories or part of a serial every Friday. If you're interested, they're all going here: http://wendysparrow.com/free-shorts/

It's funny...I can't wait for school to be over...even as I know having the kids home all summer is going to make me bonkers. I hope we can find stuff to fill up their days... *fingers crossed*


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