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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Last Battlefield

Somehow I'd managed to forget the nightmares that come with OCD reasserting its hold on your mind. Wow. Hitchcock and King have nothing on the depth of nightmares that a tortured mind can create. Part history and part demon. Then the familiarity of faces in the depths of hell. It's a special brand of horror individualized and meant to grip you long after you wake up. Plus, it seems twice as vile because with OCD comes insomnia so you feel like you begged to have your heart ripped out. It took me an hour at 4 a.m. to get to sleep.

I've had nightmares my whole life so you'd think you'd get used to it... but you don't.

My cold feels a bit lighter today. We'll see if the hours keep it that way.



  1. Nightmares, how awful. It's hard enough to get to sleep and you get stuck with this, too. I hope sleep comes soon and peacefully.

  2. I wish you peace. I've struggled with anxiety, depression and insomnia at such a hard level.

    Glad to see a writer's blog and I'll definitely be visiting again.

  3. -hugs-

    You know where I am, if you need to dump, vent, or rant.