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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unamused with the Muse

I just got the most brilliant idea for a novel. I mean... this is truly just amazingly vividly brilliant. I just want to hug it and love it and dive into it.

*eyes WIP list*


Yes, I wrote it down... and I'm hoping that'll put it out of my head, but that may or may not work... who knows. This kills me. I could get into it about 15K before I even took a breath... *sighs* This Restless Brain Syndrome is an awfully cruel way of musing. I find myself un-a-muse-d with my muse.

On the bright side, I also know where I'm going with the next scene in Promises of Light and Dark. That manuscript just hit 30K this week. I should stop pretending I'm not writing it and just embrace it, but I'm still in denial.

In other news, I turned in my final, final, final revisions of Secrets of Skin and Stone to Sarah and I'm assuming she'll be pitching it within the next month or so. (I've decided denial on this point may be the best idea also.)

The family and I have been off vacationing and just got back. (T came down with a nasty fever sickness at the beginning of this week so their Spring Break fun was condensed into just a short time.) We went to a nearby place and stayed in a room with a giant indoor jacuzzi... and the motel had an indoor pool. (B spent hours snorkeling... and T got the quiet he so desperately needed.) The husband took the kids to a nearby drive-thru animal park. We checked out an old abandoned fort as a family... because we're weird and scary that way.

I took a bunch of pictures because it was really inspiring in a post-apocalyptic sort of way... as well as it was just amazing from an artist's perspective. I really want to pull out my paints, but I'm not sure if I could do it justice. The mix of rust and old paint... was just... awesome. I might print out some of the pictures at some point or post more on here.

While on vacation, I took a break from writing to catch up on some of the reading in my TBR list. I read The Body Finder among other books. I'd been looking forward to this book for quite a while. It was a really good book, but I wish she'd gone deeper for the POV at times. It was in third person and it just felt too passive a POV for some of what was happening. It's one of those times when being a writer feels like it handicaps you from just "enjoying" a book. You want to just read it and turn off your writer's brain. It was really a good book, but I wanted more. Maybe that just means I need to pick up the second book.

Unfortunately my TBR fiction list just seems to double on a daily basis because I keep on tackling my TBR non-fiction list first. (Non-fiction doesn't mess with my inner-voice so it feels less threatening to my writing muse... also I really just like reading non-fiction.) I just finished reading Outliers for my book club... wow... THAT was an amazing book.

This has been a really emotional week for me for personal reasons... even before all the stress of T's fever (it hit 104 at one point) and the kids being on break, so if I'm less... Twittery... that's why. I did make the first cut in a short story competition and was notified this week. I should know later on this month if I made the top ten and thus into the anthology.

So, that was this week... I hope you guys had a great week. *hugs everyone* I'm looking forward to the kids being in school next week. Spring Break is rough on parents sometimes.


  1. *sends hugs and super-dark chocolate*

    I'm sorry you had a rough week, but I'm excited for you to go on submission! Go you!

  2. We have another week of school before our Spring Break, but luckily my mother in law will be visiting and my husband took the week off, so entertaining the kids all week won't just fall to me. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep working on my revision, because I've finally broken through and am making progress.

    Good luck with your final final revision with your agent and the current wip!

  3. To hear your thoughts about writing and denial wAs all too common. Keep it up!

  4. AARGH! Somehow I missed getting notifications. My email has been belligerent lately.

    Thank you, Miriam... mmmm... dark chocolate.

    *waves at Vicki* Revision progress is so good. I love that magical moment when things fall into place.

    Duane, thanks!