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Saturday, April 30, 2011

What I Love About Hidden Creek

Okay, so I know I complain about the fact that I'm working on the sequel to Secrets of Skin and Stone when I'd planned to be working on my Dystopian. I know I whine about being stuck in Piper and Gris's heads because the southern accent is sometimes so hard... and Piper's OCD thoughts sometimes feel too heavy to work with... but I was lying in bed just now and thinking about how much I love the way these books work.

For those that don't know, both these books are in first person POV which alternates between Piper and Gris. One chapter inside Piper's head... and then one inside Gris's. What I love about this is that I can explain why Gris is about to do something in his POV... and then have him doing it while in Piper's POV and have her completely misinterpret his motives. This also happens vice versa of course. Also, I can have them both trying to figure out other characters and have Piper's thoughts sooooo obviously female and Gris's just the opposite. It feels like, as the Writer/Reader, we are the only ones who know all the secrets. It's very secrety. I love knowing secrets like this.

(Knowing all the secrets is actually one of my favorite parts of being a writer. Seriously. You know them ALL. Well, that and you can make up words and own them. Like "secrety." You all bought that because I'm a writer, huh? *fist bumps readers* )

Looking back, I'm glad I've done the books this way also because when you get a healthy dose of Piper's worries that her OCD makes her a freak... it's balanced with Gris's thoughts about how much he loves her just how she is. I like that. I know other people thought I was okay and loved me when I was a teenager but I was too wrapped up in my own OCD to see that. So, in this way, writing these books continues to be a bit of a catharsis for me. It's okay that I was the way I was. Seeing it through Gris's eyes has really helped me realize the truth of that. Piper's quirky behavior isn't as abhorrent or freaky as she thinks. She's not as obviously dark and broken as she thinks she appears... in fact, she's neither. When you ARE Piper... you can't see that. I wish everyone got a chance to see their character through the eyes of somebody who loves them.

So, there are things that I really love about writing these books and the way they are. I do love Gris's POV more than Piper's... and Piper's POV still sometimes makes me cry, but that's okay too.

Anyway, I'm still hoping to get out of Hidden Creek soon... despite the fact that I'm realizing if there is a second book... there is a third book unless I rewrite how I think this one will end. (Secrets of Skin and Stone was written as a stand alone, but my brain doesn't want to get out of Hidden Creek.) I'm hoping finishing this second book won't catapult me into the third book. I really want to finish off some of these WIPs this summer.

BTW, I've got awesome non-Secrets of Skin and Stone news that I hope to be able to share soon. Sorry for the tease, but even though I like secrets... I like being able to share them even more. (Hence why I'm a writer.)

In the meantime, I need to finish Promises of Light and Dark... hopefully today. *fingers crossed* It'll need a heavy revision for voice and to make sure I've threaded enough description and hints throughout, but the rough draft will be done. Yay! Then, maybe I'll be able to move on to my Dystopian. Double yay! Well... after I do a revision of it. Subdued yay!

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