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Friday, September 21, 2012

Hey! Pick a Pretty Picture!

Okay, what are your thoughts on these for my "author" photo? (Wow, that sounds so pretentious... why don't we call it a writer photo instead? Yes, we shall.)

And I'll be honest, after you pick whatever you pick, it'll just clarify my thoughts and I'll go, "Oh, screw it, forget them, I'm going with picture X." (X here is a place-holder not meant to suggest a rating.)

Here is Writer Photo 1: (which--yes, I know it's not a headshot. Le sigh. But, I swear, that looks JUST like me--attitude and all.)

Okay, here is Writer Photo 2:  (in my opinion, there's something of the crazed psycho in this picture--but depending on how well you know me--that might fit fairly well.) (Seriously, you can almost see me thinking, "I will kill you and feed you to my pet sharks.") (I will, by the way. And, admit it, if you're going to go--death by sharks has some "cool story, bro" potential...only without the sarcasm.) 

Writer Photo 3: (My photographer friend says this looks like I'm experiencing inner ear problems and about to tip over.) (I added the inner ear bit....)

Writer Photo 4: (This is my Twitter one...so clearly I didn't hate it. You might though. If you do, I wouldn't mention it.)

Writer Photo 5: (This is me in a field of flowers. If you zoomed out, I'd be in process of spinning and singing about the hills being alive.) (You know, that'd be a great idea for a science fiction plot--only the hills are out to get you. The book The Ruins did something similar, but it was... wait, I won't spoil it...it wasn't the hills, though.)

Writer Photo 6: (Okay, I don't know about you--but this photo, when compared to the others, made me bust out laughing and say, "OH MY!" and not in a bad way, but if you don't think that, then I'm just wrong because my husband didn't think that, and you'd think, out of anyone, he would.) (By the way, if you're a guy, I wouldn't say anything...it'll just creep me out, and I'll have to block you.) (Unless you're my husband, who can still redeem himself and notice.) (Oh, and lest I raise your expectations--it's totally the pose.) (I should always pose like that.) 

Then, there's this one...which isn't really a choice but makes me laugh every single time because my mother-in-law was right below this branch--which was really high up--like I could have DIED from the fall (if I'd fallen directly on my head somehow) but, anyway, my mother-in-law said, "Yeah, you can't use THAT picture." 

She's right.

I totally can't. 

And you know why....

If you don't, I'm really sorry to have sent your mind there....

Okay, thoughts? I sent my photographer friend two more non-smiling shots, but I'm skeptical she'll think they're better than the smiling ones because it's pretty rare I'm not smiling--so it's a little weird seeing me not smiling. I posted a few more on Twitter...but they didn't make the final cut with my friends. They're like that. Also, it was mostly pictures of me cracking up over my husband's jokes. (That's why I'm smiling most of the time.) (Well...it's not JUST his jokes.) 


  1. I like a combination of #1, #3 and #6. #1 has a lot of personality, and you never know when you need a full body shot. Nothing wrong with having one of those. #2 is too sweet. I like the personality in #3. The striped shirt is too busy in #4 and #5. Nice boobs in #6. Never underestimate the power of boobs. #7 is striped and too far away. IMHO.

  2. Ok, the most "author photo" of the group is #2, which is probably why you had it up toward the top. But my favorites are #1 and the one in the tree. :)

  3. My photographer friend said the shirt was too busy too. I thought it looked "beachy" but apparently it's just overly stripey and draws too much attention. Darn it. Maybe for black and white shots.

    And thanks on #6. (They're real and they're fabulous...or it's just the pose.)

  4. Sue, actually that's just the order they arrived back in my email inbox in. My pro-photographer friend said she liked Photo 4 the best.

  5. I like the tree one because you look so happy (I used to read books in a tree---with five siblings it was sometimes the only place to get any privacy) but I think four is the best for an author photo.

  6. All my photos in the tree reflect my hilarity at being up there risking my life. ; )

  7. Navy, pin-striped shirt shot with you smiling, looking at an unseen friend.

  8. #6 please. PLEASE! LOL. Ok, I really love #1 and #2. Good job with all that smiling. ;)

  9. Hey you! I immediately liked number 2, then read your comment: "I will kill you and feed you to my pet sharks"--- and snorted out loud!!! :D

  10. I like #1 and #4. This picture is about you, so if you want people to connect with your attitude go with it. And I don't think the stripes are too busy in #4. The bright colors actually drew me in.

    Good luck!

  11. I like #4 the best, and then #2. And if you do feed me to sharks, please take a video and post it on YouTube. I've always wanted to go viral (rather than just get a virus)!

  12. #2 is the best "author photo," for sure, and you look beautiful in it, but I also really like the one in the tree!

  13. Beth, I actually really like that one. I love the mottled look of the background.

    Ophelia, it turns out I don't have to need much incentive to smile and laugh--these were like the best of 62...which were the best of hundreds. It was crazy. So many pictures to narrow down.

    Christina, the "psycho" thing is sort of charming.

    Rebecca, I've gone viral so many times--but by the second definition. It's my low immunity. ; ) If I ever feed you to the sharks, I'll take a picture.

    Jennifer, I like the one in the tree too. LOL I'm trying to figure out how to sneak it onto this blog periodically.

  14. #4 most definitely. :D

    also the last one, because well yeah.

  15. I would say number 6. I think it's a good author pic. It looks less "posed" then the others, perhaps because you're not looking directly into the camera. But... you know. It's up to you ultimately.

  16. #4 is my favorite. The blue around your head really makes your lovely hair and smile stand out.

    But that tree one would make a great headshot with a little zooming. :)

  17. Okay, I have to tell you, this was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time! Your commentary was hilarious. And, yes, I did notice the black shirt, but only because I have a young daughter so, uh, until recently I had to be careful how I stood lest I look like I've had some serious work done, so I'm a little hyper-aware of that. Not that I notice it in others unless they ask me to but, oh well, you know what I mean...I hope...

    My favorite, though, is the one you use for Twitter. You look very friendly, fun, and approachable - and smart, too. Perfect for social networking. Though if it's the back of a book cover you want, you're going about it all wrong. Where's your turtleneck? The dark, smoky look? The black and white treatment? Can't be on the back of a hardback book without all that.

  18. LOL, Caryn...I just saw this among a bunch of comments I needed to moderate. *headslap* Oops. You're hilarious.

    Miriam, I ended up using #4 for my headshot.

    C.R., in my mind it was between #6 and #4 and my agent picked #4, so I sided with her. : )

    1. Oh, good. I was afraid my reference to your chest might have offended you and you deleted my comment. You can't talk about The Girls with just anyone, you know. Glad to see that wasn't the case. :-D

    2. LOL. I turned off the moderation. It was holding this one for ransom too!!! GAH!

      No, I don't think you could offend me if you tried. Seriously. Well, maybe if you tried....

      But, actually, I was thinking of using that picture just because it looked like I had a fine set...and not just a very flattering angle. ; )

  19. Ashe, well...yeah...I used #4 but you're right about that last one. ; )