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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday--I'm in love

This has been an intense week. T is really struggling with his sensory issues. I've been spending an hour a day in the therapy room with him and two hours on Wednesday. I've been trying to adjust my OCD meds with some success and some failure. Also, I sent out a bunch of queries this week and I've now sent in five submission requests. (Two on Honor, three on Scorched) I'm really excited, but trying to remain pessimistic enough so I can deal with whatever comes with some degree of dignity.

T's therapy has made this week intense. B has been having a bit of a "week" also. She's been very emotional.

I'm so glad my husband is so wonderful and supportive. He's been so good about letting me do this writing thing... and hasn't complained that the house is in chaos... and things don't always get done.
I did get two feet of hair cut and donated to Locks for Love. (It was down past my waist, but not as healthy as I would like it.) The kids haven't noticed yet. Actually, few people I've seen since my hair cut have noticed. I assume that's because of my "stealth" mode of living. I'm like James Bond... really.

That's my week. Some good. Some bad. Some hair loss. Same old... same old...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. FIVE submission requests?!! Oh girl, how exciting!! You amaze me with all you do--your high word counts, therapy with your kiddos not to mention dealing everything else life throws at you. You really are a roaring ladybug. I hope T has a better weekend.

  2. Girl, you need to share that query letter with us! It must have been spectacular to have warranted five submission requests!

    Come on, spill.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of hair for someone not to notice! Congrats on your submission requests. I'd like to see that letter as well.

  4. Aw...I'm sorry you had such a crap week. If it makes you feel any better #asherishot :D

    Is your word verification trying to tell me something? It was singl.

  5. Okay, just gotta say, if the agents come back with something SO AMAZING (I wont jinx it by saying it), then you better scream your lungs out. None of that "dignity" crap. I better be able to hear you in Calgary, woman.

    And I agree with Tina #asherishot

  6. You've got how many submission requests???? You go on with your writer self girl!! :)

    As for the hair thing...well, when I had that much hair chopped off my aunt looked at me and said "what did you do that for?!?" All in all I'd rather she hadn't noticed. :)

    Hope the kids have a better weekend so you can all have some relative "down" time.

  7. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the submissions. Hope this next week goes better for you and the kids.