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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Therapy Room Pictures

I took a few quick photos of the therapy room with my iphone while I was up there with T just now. In this picture, T is up in the maroon lycra hammock that is hanging from the ceiling. You can see their newest circular swing in the background. There is an ikea teardrop swing up front, and a platform swing off to the side. There are five or six hammocks of various materials hanging from the ceiling for T to climb through. Some are overlapped in layers and some he must crawl across. You can see some of the boards up there on the ceiling, but you can't see any of the hooks attacked to them. They're interspersed across the boards and the swings and hammocks are all on heavy-duty carabiners.

Here is T on his latest favorite swing. He can get a good spin on it and he uses his legs to push off the wall. There is a mattress in back of him that his sometimes dives onto from the hammocks or the swing.

The ballpit is off to the side there with all of the balls in it.

In the corner next to the ball pit (out of sight) is a full hamper of the beanie babies that were in the ball pit before. I'm sitting on a giant crash pad--a gigantic bean bag filled with foam. I'll have to take more pictures when I have a little more time. I can probably get better shots of the whole place in the right light. Anyway.... This is where I've been spending hour upon hour every day lately.


  1. Hey Wendy--
    Thanks for posting these! We've just found out my middle kid has sensory processing disorder and so I was curious about your therapy room. It looks like he will need ot also.

  2. Your kids are so lucky and blessed to have you and The Husband as their parents. Your patience and love, your dedication, it all shines through and makes my heart ache for your little family. I love you Wendy. You are doing amazing things with those kids. I don't know if you remember me mentioning my friend in Washington with an Autistic son who is nine years old. I know her son is high-functioning because of all the sacrifices she and her family made for him, and I know that your children are high-functioning and doing so well because of you and everything you're doing. Hugs. I can't imagine how hard it is for you.

  3. My kids would love this room. My oldest, who has asperger's syndome, loves enclosed spaces. He needs contact--unless he's in one of his moods. Then sometimes a hug (if timed right) is all that he needs.

    You're doing a great job!

  4. Wow, Wendy. That's a great room! Looks like you've got a better setup than the OT I take my son, W, to. He would love that room.

  5. Hey I've got an award for you on my blog. Go on over and check it out!