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Sunday, May 30, 2010

May the Force Be With You

Hey! It's a writing-related post... from me. Well, sort of. It's a catch-up post for those that don't follow me on Twitter.

I've decided to only query in odd numbered months and I'm trying for every Thursday. So, with May drawing to a close, I've got a bunch of queries out. I think I've received around eight responses this month... one for a partial and two for fulls. There was a huge book expo last week though, so I think most agents are going to play catch-up in June... if they respond.

I have a full still out from... April, I believe.

So, that's my big news. I'm really excited about the fulls I just sent out... but trying not to get my hopes up. Some writers cope with querying by being optimistic... others by being pessimistic. I definitely fall in the second category.

The husband and I are sick today. Hubby with a migraine... and me with a head cold. Hopefully, we'll recover to get a lot done tomorrow. I've gotten so far behind on everything. My WIP is sucking my time... and it's been a crazy week. Still, June is query free, so maybe I'll get some of that time back.

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  1. Excellent news about the fulls! I cope with querying by promising myself cookies when I get rejected. That way rejection is at least a little exciting. :)