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Sunday, February 6, 2011

99 Lines About One Woman

I swiped this idea from KT's blog but... because I'm me, it'll have to be ninety-nine instead of one hundred.

Ninety-nine things about me:

1. I was named after the Wendy in Peter Pan.

2. I have severe and clinical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

3. I'm not obsessively clean--not all those with OCD are.

4. I have two kids with high-functioning Autism.

5. I've lived in California, France, Florida, Las Vegas, Utah, and now I live in Washington.

6. I was a military brat... my dad retired, but I'm still a brat.

7. I married my husband over 13 years ago after a five month courtship.

8. I don't like even numbers... such as this one.

9. My favorite TV shows are Castle and Psych.

10. I'm allergic to living... practically... I'd list my allergies, but that would give those trying to kill me ammunition.

11. I'm not paranoid.

12. I write prolifically due to insomnia and obsessive writing.

13. I've had insomnia since childhood.

14. It's usually related to my OCD... and hormones.

15. I used to work as a Barney impersonator.

16. No... really, I did. I quit because it got to be too violent and dangerous.

17. No, really, it did. I had a bunch of teenage boys punch in me in the stomach and I also had someone rip off my head. My Barney head, of course.

18. I was 18 at the time and weighed around 105 lbs... they were really brave for picking on a girl... who did a ripping-awesome Barney voice.

19. No, I won't do the voice.

20. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird... or maybe The Plague.

21. The color orange makes me happy.

22. Wearing gray makes me look sickly.

23. I have eclectic taste in music. You should check out the playlist here for a few examples.

24. My dog and I, when we run, have been running the same route for three years.

25. If Nanaimo, my dog, gets loose... he runs the route without me rather than exploring. I've ruined him.

26. I named our dog after Nanaimo bars... not after the city in BC.

27. In three week, I'll go to Disneyland without my kids... this will be my fourth year doing this "girl's weekend" with a friend.

28. Clowns freak me out.

29. My aunt was a clown.

30. They still freak me out.

31. My middle name has been passed down for three generations and my daughter has it too.

32. No, freaky stalker, I won't tell you what it is.

33. I'm not paranoid.

34. I hate driving.

35. I once owned a sports car... an ex of mine hoped a cool car would make me like driving.

36. It sorta worked, but I don't have that car anymore... so I'm back to hating driving.

37. I like prime numbers... especially odd, prime numbers.

38. Except the number five... I have a bad memory association with that number so I don't like it.

39. I haven't picked a single genre to write in yet.

40. Or an age group to write for.

41. Text speak makes my eyes explode when I read it.

42. I suffer from agoraphobia and if I stay inside for long periods of time due to sickness, it's hard for me to leave my house.

43. It's mostly because the world is a dirty ugly place filled with germs... and covered in dirt.

44. I don't like camping.

45. It seems like a slap in the face of all our wonderful technology to go without it.

46. Plus, I'm fond of indoor plumbing.

47. I was going for a Bachelor's in English at BYU when I went through Spring and Summer classes after two full semesters and burnt myself out in German classes.

48. I took three semesters of foreign language classes to avoid a single math class.

49. I hate math.

50. My favorite college class was a Linguistics class. I found the study of language to be fascinating.

51. Least favorite college class was Physical Science.

52. I only attended that class once before I stopped and just showed up for tests.

53. I went to a vocational school to become an optometric assistant.

54. I managed an optical for several years before getting pregnant.

55. I've had a lot of miscarriages.

56. The last day of my job (which was very stressful) was the first day of the pregnancy which finally stuck.

57. I like cupcakes more than cake.

58. I really like red velvet cake even though it's possibly the most unhealthy type of cake on the planet.

59. Typically I don't like foods that stain.

60. I don't like red punch for that reason.

61. I like fry sauce.

62. I'm LDS--Latter-day Saint... Mormon. I don't debate, though.

63. I'm also rather irreverent... especially on Twitter.

64. I'm pro-vaccine although my son was vaccinated on a delayed schedule after my daughter was diagnosed.

65. Actually, I don't like to debate much of anything. I'm very non-confrontational.

66. I like fires.

67. I don't like smoke.

68. I like wooden rollercoasters.

69. I like this number because I'm immature.

70. I read really fast.

71. I can't read while I'm in the middle of an obsessive writing jag or deep in revisions because it stalls out the voices in my head.

72. I like to paint, but I don't paint often anymore.

73. I painted the painting at the top of my blog.

74. It's based on an experience we had with B back when she was non-verbal and newly-diagnosed. We were working on animal noises and she made a ladybug puppet roar. It meant something to me.

75. It still does.

76. I come from a big family. We're not dysfunctional at all... which makes this line rather boring.

77. We went to Vancouver Island for our honeymoon which is when I first had a Nanaimo bar. Victoria is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

78. I'm afraid of growing old.

79. I'm hoping to die long before I get incontinent.

80. You don't need to help with that, by the way... it was just a comment.

81. I'm not paranoid.

82. I'm superstitious even though it makes no sense and I don't like that about me.

83. I try not to walk under ladders. *knocks on wood*

84. I love haunted houses.

85. The Ring is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

86. I'd rather have a hurricane than an earthquake. Earthquakes are freaky.

87. I like thunderstorms but not windstorms.

88. The sound of a tree falling is one of the eeriest sounds I've ever heard.

89. Ditto on a coyote's cry.

90. I live in a rural area near a forest where bears live.

91. I had to stop running for a bit three years ago after a nearby bear attack.

92. I love shopping on Think Geek.

93. I like to eat seafood but I don't like the smell.

94. I'm very anti-gun.

95. My brother-in-law is a cop, and I think that's awesome.

96. My life is full of contradictions.

97. I love the Robert Frost poem "Fire and Ice."

98. I think the world will end in fire... or a zombie apocalypse.

99. This list will end here.


  1. The person I copied this from just wrote "hahahahhaa" for 69 ;)
    My best friend's favorite poem is 'Fire and Ice' :)
    I also like seafood but hate the smell.
    I'm opposite about the number thing - I like even numbers, except for the fact that my two favorite numbers are odd and prime numbers (ha, a contradiction!)
    My favorite book is also To Kill a Mockingbird :)
    This list made me happy and I feel special that you 'stole' it from me :)

  2. How I've missed you! I loved your list.

    You know how you don't like even numbers? (Well, obviously, you do know.)

    I don't like odd numbers!

    You and I are quite the pair... and, p.s... I shall be stealing this list idea!

  3. You already know 99 things about me. Like the fact that--just like KT-- I love even numbers, except my most beloved number is 3, and my most hated number is 6. You also know that I'm the same way about number 82 (superstitions-- my brain always tries to talk me out of it though). I hate running, but you know that....hmmm...there's nothing I could reply to this that you already don't know! Great list!! Now I'm going to check out KT's :)

  4. Hahaha, great list! I love you and your wit! :) Hey, what days are you going to be in Disneyland? We'll be there March 1-5!

    Also, I really think you need to come visit us, now that we're three hours closer to you! Or, I suppose I could be talked into going up your way this summer if you'd prefer. ;)

  5. KAREN!!!!!!!!!!! *screams* *runs in circles* Yes... we must get together... but... le sigh... not at Disneyland. We leave Anaheim on the 28th! Gah! We'll be planes that pass in the night. Life seems monumentally unfair suddenly. Is your phone number still the same? (I should just email you... or something to find out instead of asking here....) I really need to catch up with you at some point soon.

    Diana, I do know at least 99 things about you... even that one thing... you know... THAT thing... the thing we don't ever call by name. That-thing-which-must-not-be-named. I even know that.

    Amber... it seems I am odd in liking odd numbers. Your daughter is a cutie-pie. I hope you're having a good week at work even though I know you're missing your baby. On the other hand, adult interaction is not to be under-valued.

    KT, I like stealing things from you... except your voles... you make keep those. You and Di may also share all the even numbers.

  6. My cell number is the same! Look up my photo website for the number if you don't have it...or email me if you can't remember my website. ;) And post to let me know if you can't remember my email. LOL! Or, I suppose I could email you..assuming I still have the right address.