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Thursday, February 10, 2011

And there was much rejoicing....

It all started with a thought about a dog and what a person with OCD might think. It moved to a sketch... which some thought was naked... and then it went to a southern accent which made me lose my voice and gave my husband the chance to snicker at me behind my back. It doesn't, of course, end here on a day where there was lots and lots of screaming and jumping around, but today was a pretty good day for me as a writer.

(We're still not jinxing it by talking about it until I can announce something for reals, btw.)

There was a lot of screaming today, though.

It started after I got back from my run and discovered all good emails will come approximately ten minutes after I leave for a run. *true story* It's happened twice this week anyway. Unfortunately, I'd bumped my run up so that I could go to a meeting. I sent off a quick email to the husband, showered, and ran out the door.

During the meeting... and while I was meant to be taking notes, I texted Di... who then bombarded my phone with texts full of screaming and exclamation points to the point that I had to mute my phone... and it still nearly buzzed itself off the table. When a meeting consists of four people, and the secretary, who is meant to be taking notes, keeps sneaking out texts while grinning like a dork... it's not as efficient as you might think. I know. Go figure.

My husband did not scream.

He told everyone he commuted home on the ferry with... and the people at his work.

Which is pretty close to screaming.

He also brought me home a chocolate-covered Twinkie before taking me out to dinner to celebrate. We tried to explain to the kids how exciting today was for mommy... but B was more focused on T's birthday tomorrow, and T lost enthusiasm for the whole thing when he discovered that agents and secret agents had very little in common.

My mom screamed. My mom screams at a lot of things, though. It's hard to give her credit for something which is almost involuntary. She does scream at a lot of things.

My dad didn't... which is good because that would have creeped me out. Actually, men should never scream.

My sister screamed... I think... the connection wasn't so good. Her prior text said "HOLY COW!" which I'm sure was meant to be significant because our religion doesn't believe cows are holy. We eat a lot of meat in my family but not to the point of revering it.

Other people may have screamed... whether because of this or just because they like to scream.

Anyway... it sucks that I have to be all coy, but if you knew... you'd scream and jump around... or at the very least, you'd buy me a chocolate-covered Twinkie... because it was that kind of day.

I hope your Thursdays were as good as mine.


  1. Hmm, I think I have an idea of what happened. :)


  2. SQUEEEEE!!!! *dances for Wendy*

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you. *crosses fingers and wishes hard*

  3. This is the most. wonderful. news. ever!!!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! Yay!

    Renee, *raises eyebrows coyly* you just might. *knocks on wood*

    Miriam, thanks... it'll be nice to take some relief crossing breaks because my finger are cramping up from all the crossing.

    Tina, *hugs tightly... so tightly that Tina passes out... but it's worth it* Thanks!

    Katie, it is rather... wonderful... if vague and secrety.

    KT, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thanks!!!!!!! *blows kisses*

  5. I wish I'd saved those text messages... and I still can't believe you sat through the rest of that meeting!!

    <3 <3