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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bite me, Followers... Contest

So, I chose none of the above..... BAWAHAHA! Because I'm cool, and I can do that. So, for my hundred followers contest, I'll be giving away the hat above (sans the model with the 5 o'clock shadow and romance novel lips... and the cleft in his chin that you sort want to stick your tongue into... but maybe that's just me.) I designed it for myself based on Honor's favorite retort of "Bite me." (We'll be like... twinners. We can wear our hats on the same day.)


1. You must do all the math... because I hate math. Really. So, just post below how many entries I need to write out for you.

2. You must live in the U.S. or Canada.

3. Last Day for Entry is February 28th and I'll draw a winner on March 1st. I'll get you your hat as soon as is humanly possible.

4. Insert any other rules that I should be able to think of but can't.

5. I like odd numbers.


One entry for becoming a follower. Two for already being a follower.

One for mentioning this contest on Twitter, your blog, to your neighbor/mother/dog, in a sky banner, or any other way you feel like doing it. (Maximum of 3 entries this way)

One entry for becoming Honor's follower on Twitter and two for already being her follower on Twitter. One entry for being daring enough to hashtag her with #reeveishot (or #honorisshort for the men-folk.)

Beta readers get an extra entry for everything I've put you through. (I still might end up sending out Honor-autographed hardcopies to some of you for all your help. Thank you so much.)

Like I said... let me know how many entries to fill out for you.

Once again... that hat comes WITHOUT the model. I know. Le sigh.


  1. 2+: Already a follower.
    1+ Mentioned on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MireyahWolfe/status/9545600828

    2+: Already following Honor.
    1+ Tweeted Honor #reeveishot: http://twitter.com/MireyahWolfe/status/9545560001

    So....6 entries for me. *grin* I really really want that hat.

  2. I don't do ball caps. I look like a complete dork in hats. Darn it! But 100, WAHOO!, I'm seven away myself and I'm not sure what I'll give-a-way but it'll be fun doing it!

  3. No model? *scoffs*

    I'm already a follower (2)
    I'm gonna mention it on Twitter (1)
    I'm already an Honor follower (2)
    Does it count that I've already risked my life by saying #reeveishot? I'd rather not risk it again...Meh, I'll do it again-- I'm daring (1)
    And I've beta read for youuuu (1)

    Total- 7 (and it's an odd number!)

  4. Forget the hat, I want that model. Where can I find him?

  5. +2 for already following your blog
    +1 for adding Honor to twitter
    +1 for tweeting

    So, 4 for me please. Super cool hat. Are you going to sell them in case I don't win? ;)

  6. You can NOT have the hat 'cause that's MY fave retort. (just as anyone who has been around me for more than a minute) :)

  7. Charity, I made it on Zazzle.com but I can post a link after the fact for anyone who wants to buy one. Zazzle has never let me down for unusual stuff that is excellent quality.

    Wordwranglernc, :) It's my MC, Honor's, favorite retort too. She keeps saying it to a vampire... who has bonded to give her what she asks for.

  8. I'm not a ball cap type either, but I am psyched I FINALLY figured out how to follow. Dang, did you have to hide the widget at the very bottom??

  9. Laurel, uhhh yes? :) Actually, I always use the follow button at the top of the page, so I never thought about it. Huh... I guess I can throw the widget higher or something.

  10. Okay...wait...no model and math??? I'm sunk. #1197+3=2000

  11. Hi again. When you get a moment, could you pop by my blog and let me know where you heard about the Whoops! Blogfest? I'd promised a prize to my best shout-out helper, but I can't figure out who to thank. Gracias!

  12. 2 - already follow you.
    1 - tweeted!
    2 - already follow Honor Ellery.
    1 - i'll tell her again, but she already knows that I think #reeve is hot.
    1 - I read the first book and am reading the second!

    7 big entries for me! YAY!

  13. Ummm #1 I can't add and #2 I want the model, so don't put me in the contest, but ... Yay for 100 followers!!! You rock, woman!

  14. Yay!!!!! Congratulations Wendy, you have an awesome blog and everyone loves and adores you, especially me!

    I'm not entering your fantastic contest, only because everyone knows you and I share a brain and that doesn't really seem fair... I'd be bound to use my brain waves to (inadvertently) influence the outcome in my favor. It's better I stay clean out of this one, but I did send out a tweet to spread the word :)

  15. I'm not entering either, but I'll spread the word! It's so awesome you have 100 followers. Yay! Go you!

  16. 2- already a follower
    1- mentioned on twitter
    1- will mention on blog by Saturday
    1- following Honor
    1- being daring on twitter
    That makes 6!
    Hurray for 100!!!

  17. Only four entries for me, I'm afraid.