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Friday, February 19, 2010

Honorary Post about All Things Honor

Four years ago, Honor woke up in a meadow... naked... yes, naked and with no memories whatsoever. Well, she knew her name was Honor but that was it. She was immediately chased by a shadowy monster, but she escaped with the help of local campers. In the hospital, she discovered she was completely colorblind among other things. They also pointed out that she was short. (They got kicked for that.)

Life is not kind to the cute and short... and after she left the hospital, she was picked up by someone who assured her that they knew who she was. Instead, she was drugged and thrown into a closet where a madman calling himself "Laird Tiger" told her that she was about to be tested via running for her life. If she lived... she'd be the new "Mrs." If not... well... the others hadn't. Not one to be intimidated, Honor told this freak where he could shove it. He cut her wrist and did something with their blood that meant they could speak into each other's minds. When she grabbed his nostrils and slammed his face against her closet door, her running started early. He sent more of those shadow monsters after her. She escaped him... and the shadow monsters... but the darkness has followed her these four years.

Honor moved whenever Laird Tiger would find her. She'd never seen his face but his voice dogged her steps as did the shadow monsters she took to calling Vugs. Discovering a penchant and ability with a knife, she killed the Vugs by stabbing them in their giant glowing eye. That's been her life for four years. You can't exactly form healthy relationships when the darkness moves and hunts you. She stayed too long in L.A. and Vugs killed her roommate and best friend, Pamela.

After learning to kill the Vugs more effectively, she moved to Seattle where she is followed by these strange pale men that she's run across before. One night, one of them is attacked by a Vug while following her. She doubles-back to save him and is slashed by the angry Vug. Though dying, Honor tries to do mouth-to-mouth but the man keeps muttering strange things including "I'll give you what is mine to give" and telling her he is "Hunter Thief." Their blood is mixing. Utter chaos... even before he melts into the ground and vanishes. When she arrives home, she's completely healed besides this weird scar on her wrist that looks like an arrow made of ivy.

Soon after, another guy starts following her. He has silver hair and eyes... and strange ways, but he's also smoking hot. So, of course, she yanks out her switchblade, Tuck, and threatens him in a book store. This guy has the nerve to tell her that she is marked for death and she is dying. THE NERVE! He keeps asking her about the guy... the guy she'd seen melt into the ground. He keeps following her and, in a nearby park, he pledges to give her whatever she asks for in exchange for her story regarding "Hunter Thief." To seal the pledge, he cuts his hand and her hand... which Honor was totally not on-board with. He also licks his hand... and commands her to lick hers. (She's already learned he can work some sort of mind mojo and control people.) After they've sealed the handshake, Honor is bound to finish the pledge.

Deep beneath the city of Seattle, Honor finds the caverns of Vampire and another race called Hunters or vampires. Born of Father Rock and Mother Earth, they're not the monsters of legends. They exist to keep the mortals, offspring of elementals and Mother Earth, safe as they go about their lives above-ground in Empire. True--vampires are immortal and their blood is used to create binding pledges, but they're the guardians that keep the mortals--Beings--safe from the shadow monsters known as Shifts. Beings can't see the Shifts nor can they see their immortal half-siblings, vampires, unless the vampires wish it.

The one Honor just bound herself to--is a Steward whom she calls Reeve. However, Honor isn't dying of the Shift bite that has marked her. She is a Shadow Hunter, the daughter of Mother Earth. That pledge Reeve made... to give her whatever she asked for... wasn't finite. That other Hunter she'd seen die had been a vampire Thief and had traded his life-force for hers. Honor is the newest member of the Seattle Sovereignty and Honor Thief.

In Honor Among Thieves, Honor must find her place in this weird new world and outrun Laird Tiger. She'll kill a bunch of Shifts along the way, because that's what Shadow Hunters do best. When they're all a pile of ash... it'll be her and the new guy, Reeve... who looks so hot when he fights.

Key Players:

Shift/Vugs= Formed by violent emnity--there are always more in this violent world. Shadow Hunters can see their giant eyes to stab as well as the six inch retractable claws, monster teeth, and their eight foot forms made of liquid rock but vapory as shadow. Honor favors throwing stuff at them and has wicked aim. Vampires see a "Shift of shadow" and kill by climbing them and stabbing. Shifts eat humans. They prefer to bite them and then wait for their poison to cause the human's blood to boil. It's like calling for a family bbq... and boiled blood is the scented invite. They also like Honor's blood even though she and vampires are immune to their poison. They REALLY like Honor's blood.

Honor= Shadow Hunter, short (but pissy about it), cute (even more pissy about that), and color-blind. She wears camo, attitude, and her switchblade named Tuck. She's been killing Shifts practically since she woke up. She's haunted by her friend's death and has vowed to wipe the earth from its never-ending supply of Shifts. Her favorite retort: "Bite me." She's also known for being a poet of profane hand gestures. Oh... and for the first time in her four year life, she is hot for a male... who just happens to be bound to her. Talk about your lucky breaks.

Reeve=Vampire aka Hunter. Over four hundred years old. His calling as Steward means that he takes care of those above and below ground. He is forced to kill those poisoned by the Shift's bite in order to dispose of their bodies before their blood boils. He's bound himself to Honor... thinking she'd be dead within hours. Vampires aren't known for emotions--they're trying to learn them by associating with the emotional mortals of Empire. Honor is certainly helping him experience some emotions. After all, he likes weapons... she likes weapons. He likes the way she smells and biting her... she keeps shouting "Bite me." There could be worse things.

The Master= Master vampire of the Seattle Sovereignty which includes Thieves, Warriors, Trackers/Scouts, Provision Hunters (vampires only eat the meat of carnivores), a Healer, Keeper, and a single Steward. He's closing in on his thousandth birthday... but doesn't look a day over twenty-five.

Ming's= Honor's favorite Chinese restaurant

Canadian Donuts= Honor's favorite food

Whipped Cream= Honor's favorite condiment


  1. You are intriguing me with this. Very interesting and fun. What is it from?

  2. This is my series which starts with Honor Among Thieves. Honor, the main character, is on Twitter now.

    I'm relieved this makes sense... I'm still a little worried that I've jumped a big, nasty, toothy shark.

  3. Wow, very cool synopsis. Honor is so spunky. And what an exciting way to begin it all. I would not have forseen all of the fantasy elements either. So creative, Wendy. Love the idea of the blood mixing magically so they could get into each other's minds. Very original.

  4. Looks good to me. I'm pretty sure I understand everything :) I like world you built too. I may even get to read them one day :D

  5. Ohhhhh, Melanien likes!! Very much! I'm intrigued! Is this the synopsis you use for query-ing?

  6. I love how you used humor in your synopsis. I'm way too scared to do that, but maybe I'll get the nerve to query with some style. Right now, I'm pretty straightforward. Oh, and I'm also incredibly impressed by how many manuscripts you've completed. That's insane!!! Way cool, though. :)

  7. Thanks, everyone!!! I'm still a little worried this is a sign of deep psychosis, but... Anyway, follow Honor on Twitter via the link to the side there under her Tweets.

  8. Hi! I'm still making my way around all the Love at First Sight entries and I am so excited reading this! I definitely want to read Honor's story!