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Monday, February 22, 2010

Whoops Blogfest Entry-- Rugskating

We're supposed to post a clumsy moment from one of our manuscripts. This is from "A Little Crazy Talk" and I don't think it requires much explanation.

Three minutes later, I rushed down the hall and slid on Summer's hall carpet.

Who keeps a circular rug in a hallway with polished wood flooring? Summer was just lucky I discovered this before Ike played human bowling or something.

I felt less lucky as I pulled some crazy figure skating moves (which wouldn't have been possible in a skirt.) I nearly collided with Julio, but he has really good reflexes after four months of me tripping and crashing into him. He moved at the last second, probably after hearing the first pirouette, and grabbed me before I hit the ground. I winced and quickly buried my face in his shirt.

Seeing the wince, he asked in concern, "Are you hurt?"

I could hear Summer and Steve trying desperately not to laugh until they found out I was okay.

I kept my face buried and muttered, "I'm okay. I'm just very, very embarrassed."

Steve and Summer gave up the fight and guffawed.

I didn't think people actually made that noise, but now I do. They guffawed all over… loudly.

Apparently, Steve, who'd had the best view, said that he would have given me a high score for creativity and execution.

Julio showed the most restraint, and just held me long enough for my cheeks to fade to something less violet crayon shaded. I couldn't see his face, but at least he wasn't shaking with silent laughter.

He did say, though, "I had no idea mornings were so exciting for you." He tried to shoo Summer and Steve off, but made the mistake of saying "show's over."

This brought new peals of laughter from them that followed us out the door.


  1. I just did this the other day. It didn't matter that no one was around to laugh at me. It was completely embarrassing.

  2. Cute scene! Julio sounds like a total stud, should I be imagining him with a sexy Spanish accent? Probably not but it worked for me, hee hee! I'm curious about Summer and Steve. Definitely intrigued :)

    My kids would love a floor like that.

  3. I love the line about "high score for creativity and execution": nothing like an appreciative audience to make a dumb blunder really painful (and so much funnier).

    Thanks for participating in the fest and making it fun!

  4. Oh, nice! Pirouettes and hall-skating. Love that she wonders whether people actually guffaw anymore. :)

  5. Very cute. Great dialogue between characters. I'd love to read more.

  6. Ooooooh awkward!! I could so see this happening - to me.

  7. The figure skating moves really brought the perfect image into my mind for this! Great description and execution!

  8. Aack. Poor thing! Maybe not so bad landing into the arms of Julio, though...

  9. Hehee. I love these embarrassing moments. Maybe ti's because I am such a clutz myself...

  10. How funny. Yep, I could see me in this.

    On a side note: I read some of your earlier postings. (A side effect of these blogfests) Uhm, I love the Honor character. I'm intrigued. I'm a narcissistic beta reader. Meaning, of course; I like to read what others have written and offer feedback and I think I'm pretty good at critiquing.

    This just sparks my interest.

    Have you been to critxchange.com?


  11. I love her character. I felt an immediate connection with her. As a total clutz in real life, I can totally relate. :)