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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blogfest--Murder Scene

You guys know how much I love blogfests. :)

Anne Riley is hosting the Murder Scene Blogfest.

This is from book "Re:Straint" and it's one of the sections from the point of view of Lydia who is the MC, Lucas's, mother. She's an assassin and a sociopath. She is also dying of brain disease and hallucinating from it. (At the end, Lucas's father's 'ghost' will appear.) She leads a group of assassins and found out they were planning on killing her son because they knew she was dying, so she poisoned all of them. Lydia was completely amoral... and yet... I totally liked her. She was so evil that she was fun. Anyway:

The pounding on the front door had to cease. It was Tuesday, and I knew Lucas was out with his little girlfriend. Besides, he wouldn’t be knocking on the door. There was no reason. Just as I approached the front door, one of my planters sailed through the window and skidded across the entry hall.

“Lydia!” Travis bellowed from outside.

I should have expected this. The walls swayed and wobbled as I grabbed the front door’s handle, yanking it open. My vision had been… interesting today.

Travis was leaning against one of the marble columns on my porch. He looked like hell. I was surprised he’d been able to throw the planter. “You!” he hissed, pointing at me. “Dead. They’re all dead. Damn you.”

“We’re all damned, Travis. I just arranged for a quicker trip for some of us,” I said, leaning against the other pillar. “I found some interesting correspondence in your house, Cousin.”

He laughed. “That bastard wasn’t bluffing about that either. Well, I’ve got enough life in me for one last act, Lydia. I’m going to kill you and then your son. Maybe I’ll get to his little friend too.”

I rolled my eyes. Travis was stupid. They really would have replaced me with him? That had been my primary reason for killing all of them. Seriously… who told someone they were planning on killing them before doing it? Stupid. I pushed off the pillar. The other reason he’d never have adequately replaced me was that he was slow to act. I’d broken his neck with a well-placed high-heel to his neck before he’d even considered I was capable of it.

Sitting down on my front steps, I contemplated the body of the last of the violent Virulents. I was still alive, but only a shell… a ghost. Speaking of which, I saw Charles to the side of me.

“There!” I said, gesturing at Travis. “Happy?”

Charles frowned at his body and shrugged. It was the closest to forgiveness that he’d given me.

“No, of course you’re not. Lucas is just like you in that. Do you know that he intends to go to every one of their funerals? I’ve been hoping we’ll just toss them in a ditch and be done with it,” I complained. “Or throw them in the ocean. Set them on fire.” After remembering that Travis was MEANT to be my replacement, I added, “Feed them to zoo animals. Seriously, have they no respect for my true sheer villainy? Yeah, well, I’m laughing last.” Well, that was an odd twist of fate, wasn’t it? I shouted, “Did you hear that? I’m laughing last!”

Charles raised his eyebrows. That was so like him.


  1. Seriously confused...but intrigued!
    Hope you post more! Nice job!

  2. Tough chick. :) I can see how you like her in spite of her evil side. Is this toward the end of the book?

    My favorite piece by you is still the gargoyle scene from April Fools Day. That was so hot.

  3. Intrigued indeed! This gal sounds like she needs to make an appearance in Andy's Bad Girl Blogfest!

    The only thing I'd've done differently is linger a bit on the actual death. It's over awfully fast, and I do love me some gory details... >:)

    Gotta say, though, I love this character. More!

  4. Yes, this is very, very near the end of the book which makes yanking it out of context to be difficult.

    This is a YA Sci-fi (I guess) and I love it, but agents hear "Sci-fi" and cover their ears while screaming "LA-LA-LA-LA" so it's not being queried even though it's finished.

  5. Great post, Wendy! I liked her casual attitude about the whole thing... chilling! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  6. The fact that she was so berating to them even as she killed the last of them sent chills through me. She is one crazy chick. Great post. Hope to see it in context soon.

  7. Wow. That was interesting. Very cool. I love your MC and want to see more. :)

  8. The ghost and her reaction to it was an excellent touch. It is true you have to worry about the idiots who insist on broadcasting what they are going to do.
    A chilling character.

  9. The characterization of ghost-Charles is great, and I love her disdain for these fools who are clearly her inferiors! She's got a great voice! I can see why you liked her so much.

  10. Wow that flowed SO well! Excellent job, Wendy! You really hooked me ;-P

  11. This has such a great voice.