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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Springing back in

It's spring break for the kids. I've been trying to do therapy every day with T, so we've been busy. I also started another WIP a week and a half ago while cutting back on my OCD meds that stop certain obsessive activities. Since obsessive writing was one of the things that it was stopping, my brain is obsessed with this current WIP. I'm trying to find the right amount of obsession to go with keeping up with T and coping with the stress that comes with kids with needs. I like the rush of obsessive writing. It's frustrating to deal with aspects of my personality that are entwined with OCD to the point that medicating them makes me feel wrong.

Anyway, so... I'm trying to figure out a balance in everything, but that balance may need to wait until after I finish this WIP and the kids are back in school again.

Good Wednesday to everyone!!!


  1. Good luck. When I get rolling on a new WIP, I obsess over it and I ain't even OCD...Are you in the research phase or the writing?

  2. Research is part of the writing phase when I'm obsessive like this. It's day 13 on this WIP and I believe it's at 51K now.

  3. You are like a machine! Agents should be throwing themselves at your feet. For srsly.

  4. It was hard dealing with my writing obsession with my kids out of school for spring break. Congrats on balancing it all. You are awesome!