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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My personal odyssey is over!

After that rambling post earlier, I buckled down and finished The Unseen Kingdom which is the Odyssey retold in modern day from the perspective of Odysseus's son... and it's a paranormal... and it's YA.

Di made me do it!!!!!

Honestly, I'll never take a dare from Di again. That was freaking hard. It was like someone had sewn pants on a pantser because I had to work in the Odyssey's frame. *screams* It was awful. *sob sob sob* Trust me on this.

On the other hand, it's done and I can work on other projects that will let me take these pants off and fly by the seat of them.

No... wait... maybe not.

Okay, fine, I'll leave the pants on.

*kicks rug*

And now, since I've had my celebratory pudding topped with whipped cream, I'm going to bed. Probably.


  1. Awesome! Am I going to be allowed to read it? ::hopeful look::

  2. *shuffles feet* I don't know, Andy... it's sort of new and fresh and stinky like a baby needing a diaper change... you know?

    I should really just do a quick revision, though, because I have a sister that is going to ask too. Le sigh.

    So... a definite maybe, I guess.

  3. Lol. Okay. I don't mind waiting for a revision. But I would love to read it eventually. :)

  4. Di IS tricksy.

    I've been working on revising this today... despite my intentions to set it aside. It's bulked up 2K and I'm only 1/3 the way through it. It still might only work out to be around 65K when finished. This is only the second revision, though. Maybe it's six month revision will get it to 75K.

  5. ::blinks:: I'm tricksy?

    I'm jealous that you can finish a novel in a month, and have it make sense and read from beginning to end and have no plot holes. I think you got the better half of the brain. I can't remember if you've shared the title of your story out loud *glances around warily* so I'll just call it the YA Odyssey. The YA Odyssey was awesome!!!! No one who's ever read Wendy's writing will be surprised by that :)

    Although, I never heard back on whether it was okay for me to be crushing on the other guy *wonders if she broke a rule*