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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nativity Pictures 3 of 3

Some of the Nativities were simple like this one made of popsicle sticks... and then some were as impossibly complicated as the one in the bottle.

What Nativity display would be complete without baby Jesus in a five gallon hat? I think this one may have taken artistic license. (Maybe... just sayin.)

I don't know what it was that I liked about these puffy-faced figures but I thought they were cool.

The one under the glass in the shape of a tree... was awesome though it didn't photograph well.

I love the windmill ones. There were a ton. In the back you can see a tree with quite a few ornament nativities on it.

More wooden ones for my father-in-law.

This one was made with starched fabric... and I thought that was rather inventive.

I thought how tall these figures were was... interesting. Once again... it felt somewhat fairytale... apparently I see tall people as belonging in fairytales.

More wood... this time they used the grain and color of the wood more effectively.

This is mine. It's made of cement. I like that it's made from cement.

I tried not to duplicate those that I photographed last year... so if you're curious about last year's... this tag is the same that I used last year and you can go check it out. There were a ton that I recognized from last year... the origami ones and the ones made from newspaper for example.

Anyway... I showed restraint, believe it or not... I have a ton more pictures. I hope you liked these and have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday season.

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