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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nativity Pictures 1 of 3

I know that some of those who frequent this blog aren't religious, but after all the work and time that went into this display... I think everyone can appreciate the scope of what is displayed and they're very artistic. So, forgive me a few posts as I embrace my spiritual AND artistic side.

This one looked a bit on the violent side. That machete is awfully close to the poor baby Jesus... but maybe that's just me....

Here you can see the "mural" I sketched and helped cut in the background. I did nearly 100 feet of mural which we cut and put Christmas lights behind. The tall "white stone" nativity in the foreground was given to me by my Mother-in-law just so we could have nativities to loan for this event.

Some of these nativities were photographed for certain people... my Mother-in-law collects crystals... and crystal snowman nativity... score!!!

I liked these patchwork quilted nativities... there were quite a few of these.

Another crystal one of the Holy Family.

Lots of glass and crystal nativities. You can see other tables in the background. There were over 500 nativities on display.

My Father-in-law works with wood, so you'll see a lot of wooden nativities also.

I liked quite a few of these... the angel one up top looked different from most others displayed.

I like the aged copper one up front.

This was Danish and I liked the bright colors.

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