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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plans, Boring Plans (no zombies)

So, I was thinking of making a month by month plan of writing goals... just so they can later be derailed as all my goals have been lately. LOL.

So, here we go... let's go retroactive so it looks like I've accomplished something:

Writing Plans for 2011:


Finish Honor 7.
Revise Secrets of Skin and Stone.
Submit short stories.


Get agent. (Wooo wahoo!)


Do revisions of Secrets of Skin and Stone.
Work on short story project.


Finish Sentinel's Run.


Revision of Curse Me A Story for Sarah.
"Six month" scheduled revision of Versus the Bounty and The Unseen Kingdom.


Finish My Other Life.


Finish Chosen Changeling.


Revise Honor Series.


Work on short stories or Honor 8.


Revise Scorched.
Revise Good Girls Don't Date Mutants.


NaNoWriMo novel


Revise Sentinel's Run and begin Sentinel's Run Book Two.

So, that's the plan, Stan. As I said, it'll most likely immediately be wiped out by other things coming up, but that's the plan. As you can see, unfortunately, it doesn't include any zombies. *sigh*


  1. Wow, very ambitious. And you have a lot of stories or novels in the making.

    Good luck staying on track!

  2. I'm impressed. Even if all you get is a couple done that is still great! You have some awesome titles in there.

  3. You have a lot going on. I love having written lists. For some reason, I stick to my goals a little (just a little) bit better with them.
    Hope you accomplish it all.

  4. Vicki, thanks! I hope I can get the WIPs out and done at least... I hate having so many little straggling WIPs sitting at 20k. I feel like I've abandoned pets or something.

    Pam, thank you! I like naming manuscripts and characters actually. It's almost as fun as naming kids... almost.

    Susan, I hope at the very least I'll be able to focus better this way. I tend to get distracted by new projects that keep me up at night... but I really want to get some WIPs finished. Hopefully, my motivation will stay on task. Thank you.