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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zombies are out to get me... but that's cool.

Last night, I had my first zombie dream in a long time. (I can't actually remember having a zombie dream before but I'm sure I must have.) I'm not sure if it was the Theraflu or my husband's still-sickish ragged breathing beside me... but it was a good solid zombie dream.

A teenage me (and three teenage guys) were trying to escape a huge group of zombies led by giant cats.

Wait... why cats, you ask? Giant cats... with organization skills? Madness, you say? How can this be, Wendy?

Yeah, I watched this video way too many times yesterday:

Wait... so where was I? The three teenage guys and I were running through a school cafeteria. (I know, cliche, but some things can't be helped, and it was a dream.) The windows were open and it was dusk. Every time a zombie would hit a patch of sunlight, they'd burst into ash... it was really cool. (My dreams have freaking fantastic special effects.)

Most of us had made it out of the cafeteria into the fading sunlight... except this one guy who was... no... I swear this is true... Daniel Radcliffe. Yes, Daniel Radcliffe. He kept trying to be noble and throw himself to the zombies so we could escape. (My daughter is reading Harry Potter three... so sue me.) At the door out of the cafeteria, I shouted to Daniel Radcliffe to get his tail out of the cafeteria so we could bar the door and hide somewhere overnight. Daniel ran to the door... and he was sort of all messy and scratched up and oozing blood, and there was this dramatic sobbing/overacting moment where he said a lot of angsty things like "Go on... this is my fault. You've got to live... etc... etc... etc...." and he kissed me hard. We're talking... full face press kiss. (Dudes, it was even creepy in the dream... and I'm not proud of this.) (Plus, he got blood and snot and grossness all over my face. *vomit vomit vomit* ) He pulled back, and I totally cold-cocked him and broke my hand in a boxer's fracture (I'm all about the medical details, people, even in dreams) before I convinced one of the other guys to help me drag him with us.

So, we're dragging Daniel Radcliffe to safety and the guy helping me is a little jealous of that weird scene at the cafeteria door and he asks, "So... do you have a thing for this guy?"

I snort laugh and say, "Dude, he totally thinks he's Harry Potter... and we can't let him die for that." I keep wiping my face on my shoulder because... eww... gross... he had snot and blood all over his face when he kissed me... he was a walking bio-hazard. (Yes, I'm OCD in my dreams.)

We get to this storage shed on campus and bar ourselves inside... and I say, "Now, we just have to lure them out into the sunlight tomorrow and watch them fry to death."

(Even in my dreams... I have a zombie plan....)

The other guy who was sort of hot for me starts helping me wrap the hand that I broke, and he asks, "Are you going to be okay?"

I scoff and say, "Dude, I've had much worse."

(I'm hard-core in my dreams... after that... I did knuckle push-ups... just because.)

Then, I woke up....

Moral of the story/dream: Never kiss Daniel Radcliffe... and especially not after an emotional over-acting scene. Always have a zombie plan. Don't watch weird cat videos while on cold medicine right before going to bed.


  1. I had a zombie dream last month. It was weird, because the windows and doors weren't properly bolted and I spent the whole dream trying to get others to help me secure them. Then I woke up, glad I was dreaming, went back to sleep, and wound up right back in that dream. It was like something out of Shaun of the Dead, but waaay less funny. Talk about stress!

    Glad I'm not the only one out there having zombie dreams.

  2. Um...wow. I wish I had dreams like that (excluding the bloody, snotty kiss). Though my CPs believe I have a thing for Daniel Radcliffe. Not that there's a reason for them to think so, but anyway, yeah...

  3. Tere, those are the kind of people who can only be used as zombie bait. Really? They weren't helping you secure things? That's like Zombie 101. Le disgusted.

  4. Tina, the other guy crushing on me... was pretty hot... and my writerly mind had already planned on us hooking up... in a very fictional way, of course.

  5. LOL!!!!!!
    Okay, you just made my day. XD

    That is the strangest dream...ever!

  6. Melanie, it was really strange. There was a moment at the cafeteria door after the snot kiss when I considered throwing Daniel to the zombies... but it felt wrong.

  7. LOL, I needed a laugh today and this was perfect. I'm glad I'm not the only one with freaky dreams, but even I've never kissed Daniel. Although I have paddled a canoe down a river of lava that also happened to be the middle school I went to years ago.

    What is it with weirdness and schools?

  8. Charity, what is it with dreams and schools? By all rights, this could have easily happened in a mall... but a lot of my dreams use high school as a locale. It's weird. My high school years weren't even that traumatic, but I guess they stuck with my subconscious? I don't know... it's weird.

    At least I was dressed in this high school dream... it could have been really awkward otherwise.

  9. OMG This is hysterical!!! I love your dream, though I don't envy that kiss. Ewww. Thanks for sharing that.

  10. Lisa, thanks... normally you can't see the weird mash-up of my day played out quite so thoroughly in my dreams. I'd watched this Princess Bride in 30 seconds over and over again too so I probably should be grateful that I didn't have an R.O.U.S. moment too. LOL. **course we all know they don't exist...

  11. LOL! I too am glad I'm not the only one with strange dreams, weirder kisses and the occasional zombie. :P

    P.S. Love the cats with thumbs video.

  12. Shannon, how can you not love a video narrated by Tim Curry? It's impossible.

  13. How have I missed these awesome blog postings? I just realized that the internet must have eaten my attempts to friend you. hahaha. Sorry you had to kiss Daniel Radcliffe (even in your dreams). I can think of a few other actors I might suggest for your next zombie dream. :)

  14. Karen, LOL... you think so? *raises eyebrows* Is there something you need to share with the class about you and Daniel Radcliffe? Hmmm?

    Carrie, the internet is vicious that way... and greedy. It'll eat you alive. I can think of A LOT of actors that I might not protest dream kissing. At the very least, I'd go for one that didn't make me feel like a creepy cougar. I mean... HARRY POTTER? Wrong! Blech! Ick! Most of my actor crushes are much, much, much older. (I have a thing for Kenneth Branagh for example... there isn't a cougar in sight in THAT crush.) *sighs* Blech. *shudders*