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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIPed by Wednesday

This isn't about Sentinel's Run... which it should be. I finished my revision of Secrets of Skin and Stone last night after eating, breathing, sleeping it for two straight days. It's gone on to my wonderful beta Di to be beaten into submission... for submission. I should be done with that book. (Other than revisions, of course.) I should be.

I'm not.

This also isn't about insomnia... it could be about that also. Last night was day six of my insomnia stretch. It's insomnia so deep and hungry that I'm just exhausted thinking about how exhausted I am. It's whipping me.

It's not about that.

No, it's about Promises of Light and Dark.


Say what?

*everyone looks at schedule and taps on Sentinel's Run* *Wendy breaks down into sobbing and rocking in a corner.*

Dudes, it was ridiculous. I'm rewriting the last scene in Secrets of Skin and Stone and it's not... right. I waited until the wonder spouse took the kids off to scouts and activities and read it aloud... and Gris got into my head... and took over and rewrote the whole scene. Okay, fine. Still, it's done... right? No, because then Gris's first scene in the next book stole into my head.

The next book?

*Wendy's head hits the wall.*

All I wanted was to work on Sentinel's Run. Instead I couldn't sleep last night because I had this scene in my head from the next book... the book that didn't even exist until about midnight last night. The book that shouldn't exist because, as far as we know, Secrets of Skin and Stone is a stand-alone book.

Now, I can't get Gris out of my head. Life is not fair. It truly isn't. Writing Secrets of Skin and Stone was hard... and then their accents get into my brain and wriggle down deep, and I sound like a freak until it wears off. I have people ask me if I've been sick... my drawl is that noticeable. "No... I'm just crazy."

Ugh. On the other hand, I know how Promises of Light and Dark begins... and I won't be able to sleep until I get it out of my head and typed down. (Please just let it end there... for right now.) If the rest of March and April is eaten up by something that didn't exist until last night at midnight... *bangs head*

This post should fall under the category of: So, you thought you wanted to be a writer....

*sighs* And the stumble begins....


  1. Wow, Wendy, I hope you can get some sleep soon. Guess you'd better get that new scene out of your head and onto the paper ASAP! Insomnia and OCD and a little schizophrenia seem to come with the territory.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh NO! I mean.. awesome! I mean...

    What a conflicting situation to be in. I'm sorry.

    *sends Wendy a soft blanket with cookies and milk*

    I hope it lets you sleep soon!

  3. O.o More Piper and Gris? That makes me happy, but also.. *hugs* That's so conflicting! I'm sorry you're in such a pickle :(

  4. *warm fuzzies* Wendy, your book rocked my socks. (Or, stoned my socks... since it's Secrets of Skin and-- oh, never mind).

    All I can say about Promises of Light and Dark is, YAY!!!