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Sunday, January 16, 2011

And then the gargoyles got naked....

Okay, so I'm thinking I'll submit to ABNA this year. (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) It has some tight rules on exclusivity that normally might worry people, but I have enough mss to choose from that I can just submit a novel that I wasn't even thinking of querying on. I've never even considered querying "Secrets of Skin and Stone" because it still feels weirdly intimate to show people. So... it makes it twenty times strange that I'm thinking of using it for ABNA, but I've never claimed to be sane.

Unfortunately, I stripped its voice during a technical revision. *smacks head* I realized that after this last reread. Oy. So, I'm plugging through it right now at a very, very slow pace. I figure I need to do about two chapters a day in order for it to be ready in time. Two chapters a day on a revision is really slow for me... really slow. But I need to slow down and give this the attention that I tend to give my short stories. I need to pretend this is just a series of short stories that I'm going to submit... not a novel.

Anyway, so I haven't decided which WIP I'm going to be working on. I am thinking of checking more into e-pubbing. I also need to finish doing revisions on this YA Mystery short story this week and get it submitted. Between revisions and research... I should be busy this week.... and then there is always cleaning.



For those that don't know, Secrets of Skin and Stone is a YA paranormal. Piper has OCD but she is haunted not just by her paranoia and obsessions but also by real evil spirits. Gris is a Watcher, a human that can turn into a gargoyle-like creature to destroy the evil spirits that plague Piper. They're both keeping secrets from the world and meanwhile a different darkness is hunting Piper. Gris has to learn to trust Piper with a secret kept in the shadows for centuries. Piper has to help him figure out what really happened one dark and ugly night last year.

Anyway... that's my spur of the moment summary and those are my plans for this week.


  1. I remember reading a clip from this and loving it. Good luck! I'm thinking of entering this year too.

    What are some of the stickier exclusivity rights in case I missed them? :) I'm a basket case wondering if it's the right thing to do.

  2. Ummm... trying to think... Most of the exclusivity things came from the section on Grant of Rights on this page:


    None of which would apply or be a big deal if you haven't previously queried or plan on querying before June on your ms.

  3. Did someone say naked gargoyles?! :D

  4. Yeesh, I've stripped a novel of its voice before. Not fun. But the book itself sounds amazing, and I know you can fix it. :)

    Also cleaning? Yuck.

  5. Good for you entering the contest. E-publishing is definitely something that we all need to learn more about. Really glad I found your blog and look forward to following your writing adventure.

  6. I think this Gargoyle story sounds fantastic! I hope you make it in the ABNA! It would be well deserved after all the work you've put in!

  7. Di, Miriam, Pam, and Amalia, thanks!!!

    I'm still working on the revision and I'm up to chapter six... the first chapter six. (Apparently, I thought this manuscript would benefit from having two chapter fours. Really, though, what manuscript wouldn't? It's a technical detail I've decided to reevaluate this time through.)

    It seems like not as many people are doing ABNA this year, though... but maybe I'm just talking to an odd sampling of writers on Twitter and in blogs.