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Friday, January 21, 2011

Listening to the Voices in my Head

So, today will be another revising day... even though I finished the revision of Secrets of Skin and Stone last night and sent it off to betas. I've got a short story I need to revise and enter it into a contest, and I may get started on the agent-requested revisions on Curse Me A Story. She wants me to ditch the prologue and add it in throughout the story. So, all you prologue-haters can get in an 'I told you so' now. ; )

I'm really happy with the revision on Secrets of Skin and Stone but I'm wondering if I need to add more of a dialect to one of the voices. I don't know... I'll think about it.

It'll be nice to be done revising for a space so I can work on something new, but so far my brain hasn't really focused on a single project yet. I keep waiting for that night to come when I can't sleep because one of my WIPs is keeping me up. Instead, it's just the revisions that are still in my brain when I'm trying to sleep. That's probably good.

Speaking of sleeping and nights... my insomnia jag broke but my kids woke me up early to get them ready for "pajama day" at school and the massive windstorm outside is giving me a headache. I'm going to go take something to make my head weigh a hundred pounds less and crash for an hour.


  1. I know I've said this before, but...can I borrow some of your productivity? Sheesh.

    Congrats on all the progress, good lady. Enjoy your nap!

  2. Aww, Simon, I love you in a platonic "we're both happily married" way. I was really excited to see you commented. I know you're busy writing blog posts for everyone else. ; )

    Actually, I think if every writer couldn't sleep until they wrote the demons out of their head... they'd be a lot more productive too. It's kind of a lousy way to live, but it does make for a lot of writing late into the wee hours. I think I actually slowed down quite a bit last year on my writing. I have enough backlog manuscripts to go back and revise that I didn't write quite as many manuscripts. I think I wrote... maybe five novels all year... and my NaNo novel needs a heavy revision and feels incomplete.

    *waves* Anyway, thanks, Simon, for stopping by. *slips you a twenty in a handshake*

  3. Wha?? Do I get a twenty?

    I MEAN. *cough* Nice progress! Sometimes I do write when I can't sleep, but frankly, that's a little tough when the computer is downstairs and I'm upstairs. Oh, a twenty would be really nice right about now . . . need to fund my laptop fund some more.


    Hey, at least your insomnia jag broke! Now if you could figure out what's wrong with B. *Sending good thoughts your way*

  4. Ashe, I thought B was going to make it off to school this morning with no crying. It was comfy-cozy day at school... and she was near rabid to wear pjs to school. Then... the breakdown just before we went out the door. *head slap* She did say that she "thought" her throat my hurt. She "thought" it might. Who knows... I just keep giving her ibuprofen. That seems to help. (The "stay off drugs" speech is going to be hypocritical at some point. Stay off drugs... here take these ibuprofen it'll make all your imaginary pain go away.)

    *cough* I'm a winner. *cough*

    Oh, and here is another twenty.