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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the pants come off...

For those not writerly, there are two common styles of writing: Pantsing and Plotting. A pantser, which I am, writes by the seat of their pants with very little pre-planning and it just... works. (I'm always a little shocked at how well it works out confidentially.) Suddenly, it's on the page and I'm like "boo-yah!" However, my mom asked me to go back to working on Honor Seven and... in light of yesterday's realization... I thought it sounded fun. Luckily, I have some wonderful and detailed notes about my plans for when I got sucked into something else back in January.

*snort laughs*

Yeah. Some of you may vaguely remember these notes from January. If not, here they are:

Connection to Ares important/Priest important/"Water is drugged" "You need to live."/Thor's backstory should come in/Island--find that island again/Not a hag--get rid of hag stuff/Mutus Liber/raising dead mentioned in book five/six days/Druids/Zombies/Honor targeted due to dreams/looking at boat at Locks/Refocus on date/"I've tasted that. I nearly would have rather died," Clooney said./Elixir of Eternal Death/Some islands might have Rogues on them--eating salmon/Why did Archer get left behind? You left him behind in Clooney's scene/Figure out the passage of time business--find a way or reason to speed up time/Honor dreaming of watching Reeve fight/Reeve has first dream/Motive behind abduction not entirely evil/leave open-ended for eight/Leave Honor behind/prison should not have earth in it--maybe cement or metal/basement/bathroom--just because otherwise that's gross/Ares being a dark magi will require re-explanation of that/You have Merlin, but maybe Gandalf would be better/Guerdon?/Make sure to disarm Honor--twice over because of other weapon/Get Faith a Tuck/she gets away--she? Probably/explain princess Diana's absence/If they have Rogues--they might have Shifts/Who or what are they fighting before Clooney's scene/end on dream or Christmas/mistletoe should keep coming up--wiki it/go back through notes for that one thing that you starred that you thought was cool--whatever it was.

Let's just pull out a few notes to examine shall we....

"Figure out the passage of time business--find a way or reason to speed up time." I believe, I'm referring to how long Honor and Reeve can be separated before blood sickness sets in... or... maybe I'm referring to time travel. If time travel... cool.

Wait... there is more:

"Basement/bathroom--just because otherwise that's gross." Knowing my mind as well as I do--sadly, I got this one. I need to make sure Honor is trapped in a room with a bathroom. (Kidnapping facilities need to have indoor plumbing--always.)

"Make sure to disarm Honor twice over because of other weapon." Actually, knowing Honor, they'll have to do a thorough search... so that's not a big deal.

Okay, this one made me laugh out loud:

"Some islands might have Rogues on them--eating salmon." But of course!!!! The diet of the Rogues... on the islands... because... that's a vital clue. (No, I don't know why I mentioned it either. Rogues are vampires living outside of the Sovereignty that are cannibals for the most part... unless they favor a more Mediterranean diet high in seafood... apparently.)

At least I finished with some solid explanation of what I meant: I'm to go back through my notes to find that one thing I "thought was cool... whatever it was." Ahhhh yes. That ONE thing. Not... the other thing... the ONE thing.

*Brain explodes*

And... this... little Timmy is the reason you always, always, always wear pants.

I did finish a novella over the weekend. It's good. I reread and revised it last night. I dug it. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I'm looking at some epublishers. We'll see. I'm doing the same in regards to some of my short stories. So, yeah... I'll need to get back to trying to figure out what I meant when I said what I did and it didn't mean anything.

Oh, also, no pirate-style self-rejection yet. I think I'll post it if I haven't heard back at three months.

I'm going to go find some pants to put on... that make sense.

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  1. "the" JaimeJuly 14, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    Yea!!! Honors back! Oh Honors back, She's back! La la la la la la
    It been too long says I!
    (Sorry the pirate rejection has me thinking in pirate.)
    Yea!!! Honor Rocks!!
    And Reeve is Hot!