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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Sad Pathetic First Life of Wendy Sparrow

As a little insight into my life... I live near a lake. Around the lake are beautiful, huge houses. *Wendy snorts* I don't live in those, but I drive by them on my way to go get donuts which I'll put on our emergency credit card because when are donuts NOT an emergency? *Stop judging me* So, I'm driving back from getting donuts.... It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. It's supposed to get up to around ninety or so, I believe. The lake already has boats on it. Beautiful! I drive by a giant house with its own private boat launch down which they are lowering a HUGE boat so they can spend the day on the lake.

*This is the point that I realized that I've not only grown up, but I've grown up to be boring and practical--donuts aside.*

I'm watching this boat slide into the shimmering, blue water reflecting a perfect sky and I thought, "If I had a boat that size today... I'd sell it and use the money to get out of debt, but probably reserve some of the money to help with the tax hit I'd take."

*Actually... the point that I realized I'm truly sick... came about thirty seconds AFTER that thought when I realized THAT thought was disturbing.*

Le sigh. Are there therapy programs for those that are overly realistic? For being mentally ill, I've really shown a flair for practical, depressing thoughts firmly rooted in reality.

Well, since it is a beautiful Saturday... it'd be good to get some cleaning done....

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  1. Ack! Too much realism can be bad! I hope you get to enjoy something today, if not a boat ride, maybe some donuts in the sun?