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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arr... tharr be the reason I be not rejected...

So, that pirate self-rejection that I JUST mentioned... I just got an emailed request for a full from them... with another SASE... which begs the question... do I write another rejection?

Arr... these be the difficult questions.

Oh... and lest anyone misunderstood my previous post. I've got a substantial amount of queries out... and now eleven subs out, I'm not writing off the possibility of being published. I'm just not sending out any more queries. I feel good about assuming that if I'm meant to go this route... something will come of what I have already out. I just can't keep querying. I'm burnt out on it. I'm burnt out on critiques from fellow writers to improve on the stories I have. I'm just burnt out. Plus, the fact is... I was talking with an agent yesterday and I've had some really good conversations with her. It made me realize that if nothing came of this whole attempt besides making good friends and meeting wonderful people who also love writing... that is honestly more than enough for me.

Anyway... it's probably too late to get that printed out for today. Arr... that full be hitting the waters on Thursday. (BTW... this person already read 50 pages, so yay!!!)


  1. COngrats on the full! So they sent the rejection letter back but emailed you a request for a full?

    Did they make a smiley face on the rejection?

  2. No... I didn't get my rejection letter back. I'm calling it a casualty. Actually, I'm not even completely sure they saw it.

  3. "the" JaimeJuly 14, 2010 at 8:47 AM

    Of course you write another rejection! Why wouldn't you! Come on you have to...because...well you know...because...(small voice) we all like to read them.
    And because rooting for you to get rejected so we can read them is strangely cathartic.

    "We'll eat you up we love you so!"