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Friday, July 2, 2010

Short Post on an Odd Topic

Well, I'd intended to mention this on Twitter, but Twitter is having some real issues this morning. I just got my 17th request for submission... (9 fulls, 8 partials) which given my love of odd numbers should be perfect, but I have 10 of these submissions out currently. (6 fulls, 4 partials) I hate when my penchant for odd numbers creates a conflict in things I can't control. I can control the number of queries I send out... and believe me... I do. It's ALWAYS an odd number. The number of people I follow on Twitter and allow as followers on Twitter is always odd. (I keep bots for a bit extra to ensure this... or kabosh "social media" people.) It's all about the odd numbers with me. It's an OCD thing, but also... I'll admit... I'm oddly superstitious. It seems at odds with my spiritual nature, but I've given up trying to explain it to myself. I knock on wood, don't mention things out loud that I'm concerned about, have been known to throw salt over my shoulder, try not to "jinx" things, and don't walk under ladders. (Why tempt fate? Yeah... that "fate" I don't believe in due to my spiritual nature... I'm a walking contradiction.) So, I'm hoping that I'll get an 11th submission request out... which will make for 18 overall... which will be frustrating in a new way, but I don't care.

In other news, the husband looked at my back last night. He thinks I'm fighting a tissue injury over my scapula in addition to that stupid cracked back rib. (I think I still have that cracked rib because it hurts to breathe deeply and it hurts in a different spot from this scapula issue.) I have a visibly swollen lump on my scapula, though. He suggested a sling for today to keep that muscle immobilized. I'd been laying off the ibuprofen this week, but I think that was a mistake because both injuries have been worse since I have. This'll be the second time that T has put me in a sling. Oy. That kid. It's my third major injury due to him. He cracked my rib previously while in utero... kicked it. Stubbornly violent from the get-go that one is. The last x-ray I had... that rib still showed it had been cracked and healed... maybe it always will. It would still recrack with deep coughs for like a year and a half afterwards.

Cracked ribs are the gifts that keep giving... forever.

Anyway... the kids have been told I'm in a sling today, and they're mildly interested... in how it will affect them. T has been given caffeine gum to settle him down. My dreams of cleaning the house will have to be postponed to another day. I mentioned to the husband that I should just get the wisdom tooth I need yanked in a bad way--pulled out so I can tie on the percocet and kill two birds with one stone. (That's an idiom I rarely use as my last name is Sparrow, btw.) I'm seriously considering it.

Have a good Friday and a good holiday weekend for those in the States.


  1. Ouch! My efficient nature agrees with you on getting the tooth yanked and get it all done with at once. Here's to feeling better and putting your feet up on a holiday weekend.

  2. Hmmm. I wondering if there's something to that odd query theory.

    Hope you recover soon, Wendy.

  3. Congrats on all of those material requests!!!

  4. Do you make sure that your tweets are 139 characters or less -- or always end them on an odd number?

    I guess if you didn't before... my mentioning it will probably make you start doing it from now on.

    Hope you get well soon! I have a feeling you arre going to get an agent this summer. I just sense it in my bones.

  5. Hey Wendy - So sorry about your back!!!
    We've been following each other on twitter for a while so I've had the low down. It's awesome you've had so many requests for your book too.

    ps: I gave you a couple of awards. JUST BECAUSE I THINK YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Just wanted to say I love your blog. I'm a new author and I'm quickly realizing that I love having this new creative outlet. Thanks for you post. I'm now a follower her and I will be back for updates.