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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Ruddy Monday

...not to be confused with Sunday Bloody Sunday... which was yesterday.

Last week was a bit of a wash for me. I decided to steam-clean the carpets last Wednesday which set off a series of unfortunate events because I didn't get my berber carpeting dry enough. We're talking 15 hours of unfortunate events. Oy. I like to go big when I screw up. This is week five of my back injury. (They typically take at least six weeks to heal... so I'm close... to being magically better.)

This isn't really a post so much as an acknowledgement that I changed my background because my old background was deleted. This one has a lot of "white space" so I probably won't settle on it because I do so much writing late at night and I get all vampire about white space then. *hisses* "Why??? What is with all the bright white? It burns. It burns."

Today is a cleaning day. My kids will earn Lego Harry Potter if they clean. They both have their rooms and the therapy room. The husband made a ballpit with lycra, pool noodles, and yards and yards of red lycra. (We've used inflatable pools for ball pits in the past, but our last one bit it and went to the great inflatable pool heaven in the sky.) I might have to take a picture when the room is clean. It's really nifty. It's extremely useful having a husband who can build stuff for your therapy room--I suggest you all get one.

Okay, I only got four hours of sleep last night... and my stomach is protesting my breakfast of excedrin.

Happy Monday, folks.

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  1. They earn Lego Harry Potter! COOL! I love your new background. White space is good on the eyes. :)