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Monday, December 14, 2009

Brain sluggish--not even good enough for a zombie snack

Any zombies reading this--move along--this isn't the brain you're looking for.

So, about ten minutes after I posted yesterday, I got a rejection letter for one of the two queries I have out right now. (I'm waiting until January for Honor Among Thieves.) I've tried to convince myself that this agent was just watching my blog and trying to sneak in a rejection while I was in a good mood--and not that fate is out to kill my Christmas spirit. (Speaking of fate, I had the most amazing idea for a story come to me in a dream. I've got too much to do this week, so I'm trying to ignore it--though I did write it down. Thus far, it's plaguing me still. It took me over an hour to get to sleep because of it.)

So, both Honor Within and Scorched made it to Lulu to be printed. Woo woo! That was today's project. I'm tuckered. Yesterday, I worked on photo books for grandparents and photos for Christmas cards. My lap top is a little hot from all this stuff.

Today, the car officially kicked the husband's tail. His motorcycle had already done that too. He wrecked and slid on ice this morning. (Yeah. Good times.) We drove the car to a local mechanic to see if they can drill out the drill bit--which is stuck inside the bolt--which is in the side of the engine block--which wasn't broken a week ago. (I don't know why she swallowed the fly--perhaps she'll die.) By drive, I mean I tugged it behind my SUV while the husband made sure it didn't crunch into the back of the car. I firmly believe such situations take years off your life. I think I just lost one year of my life. It was probably going to suck anyway, though. Let's face it--once you get beyond a hundred--the years aren't as kind.

So, tonight, I have a book club book to read. I've been putting it off. The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society or something like that--was never on my "books to read" list, but I picked it up--read for a bit--got bored--put it down. It's time to bite the bullet. My friend says that if I stick it out for forty pages, it gets better. She likes my books--so she must have good taste. :) I might resort to skim-reading if it doesn't really pick up by then. I read really fast, but so far--this isn't a page turner for me. Anyway, that's my goal for tonight. I couldn't make it through Pride and Prejudice either--and I've heard people compare this to that. That's bad news. It's rare for me to put down a book.

Okay, see you folks tomorrow.


  1. I feel your pain on the sluggish brain front. Work has been kicking my tail this week and there is no more room in my head for anything. I can't be bothered to do any Christmas shopping - no, I'm too busy dealing with a boatload of loan applications and checking accounts that have been hacked. Bah!


  2. Finished the book--second half was good and a much quicker pace. Once she got to Guernsey it was really interesting. Overall, it was a book I'd recommend, but it did take forever for me to get into it--far beyond forty pages. I'm curious if it was finished as the first author would have liked. It would be difficult to finish someone else's vision.

    Uh oh... B just came downstairs after a nightmare.

  3. I loved that book. It was a little hard at the beginning to get into though. I had a hard time reading Pride and Prejudice the first time too. It helped to watch the movie and then I loved it.
    I can't seem to get into any of the book on my TBR pile right now. Too many things on the brain I guess.

  4. Yeah, those query rejections usually do a nice job of icing the cakes of perfectly horrible days.

  5. Boy Wendy, you and that car. Have you considered putting it down? Have you considered public transportation? Yay for liking the book though. Something good happened today. (I guess last night) Did you get details on the nightmare? Could be a gold mine for a story.

  6. Agh, sounds awful... is this the same car that died before, or a different one?

    And yeah, hate query rejections... awful, awful feeling. Especially when they're form rejections.

  7. It is the same car. It was doing find until everything went wrong about a month ago. The husband is an excellent car mechanic, but he doesn't always have the right tools. He'd fixed everything--it was in the process of putting everything back that the bolt broke. Then, the drill bit to get the bolt out--broke in the bolt. It's both ironic and pathetic. Car problems are like that I've found.

  8. Oh wow Wendy, and I was all stomach-virusey and hadn't even seen this. I'm sorry about the car, but am glad your husband's okay. More hugs for you.