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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Priorities--Those are so cool. I wish I had some.

Well, since I'm not shy about talking about my OCD, I'll add now that I can't seem to grasp the concept of priorities. It's the obsessive part of OCD. Well, technically, I have a lot of priorities--I'm over-run with them--they just suck. So, I'm shuffling priorities around right now. I don't think I even feel like querying Honor this month. I feel like finishing Honor Six and getting it out to her fans for a "Christmas Present" for them. It's been a while since I finished an Honor book. I also intend to get Scorched to a few of my "hard copy only" betas.

I also promised to go back and help with the Nativity thing. I'm such a sucker when it comes to helping friends. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dust in the air from the nativities, and it's aggravating my asthma in a wicked, wicked way. It's making me sleepy not being able to breathe--so then I take asthma stuff which gives me insomnia. Bah! I was up late last night--really, really, really late. So, today, I'm only staying for three hours, and then they're cut off. I can't do more than that. I'm so tired.

Then, we get to cleaning, laundry, and the rest of that. Blech. Low priority. Very, very low priority. Hate it!

So, lack of sleep and frustration are really swamping my system today. I feel blah. I'm going to work on Honor Six for a while and then I'll shower and reapproach this thing we call life.


  1. :(

    You sound stressed. I've give you a virtual can of frosting but that might stress you out more-- you know, by not actually being real.

  2. One thing at a time. Go get some frosting!

  3. Luckily, I still have Frosting--I should see if it'll solve all my problems. It usually seems to. Thanks, L.T.

    Hey Stephanie, hugs.

  4. Man girl, you need a break. ONLY three hours? That's still a long time!

    My son had asthma treatments every night this week--which makes him wired so he can't sleep. I get what you mean about being tired. Hope you get relief soon!

    Love your Christmas present idea. That should stay at the top of the priority list!

  5. Oh, Wendy. We are so alike it scares me a little. I have the same "priority" problem. *big, squishy hugs* Feel better.

  6. Cleaning and laundry are always my lowest priority. But this week I'm making it the top. I doing major cleaning. All closests are being raided and many things are going to be donated. It so hard though - if I make cleaning the priority, writing becomes moves down to the bottom of the list. Kids, husband,church callings and activities always come first. Wish I could afford a maid. Then the guilt of having a messy house would be gone.
    Good Luck with everything you have to do. So - sorry about your allergies.

  7. Hugs Wendy. You finished Honor Six, her fans will be ecstatic to have the book for Christmas. You feel stressed and sad and unbreathy and frustrated, but you make people happy. You make me happy! Hugs again.

    Had to add... wv was mudge. Fitting.

  8. I'd all but forgotten what cleaning WAS until I scrubbed my bathroom sink last weekend.

    And I'm the one who starts laundry, begrudgingly, on Sunday evenings and stays up too late waiting for the dryer to finish.

    I hate having to prioritize. I'd rather just blog, write, and watch t.v. Get me a living room fridge and I'd probably rarely leave the couch.