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Friday, December 4, 2009

Doctor, I believe we've discovered a normality.

So, I've been so busy this week that I didn't do any flash fiction.


I know. It's not right. There should always be time set aside for flashing.

Today, I tried to accomplish:

1. Getting package mailed = done
2. Getting car tabs updated = closed on Fridays
3. Buying Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for friend's birthday--last week = sold out
4. Working on Honor Six = just got back to the house after having been gone for eight hours
5. Cleaning house --seriously, I was = see excuse--I mean--reason above
6. Worked in T's classroom = Yay! Did it.

I did accomplish several things not on the list. I went to the bakery and got a small cake for my friend and met up with Heidi and went to the Nativity thing and out to lunch.

Still, the one thing I was going to accomplish IF IT KILLED ME--was getting my tabs updated. What kind of licensing place is closed on Fridays? Wrong! So wrong! Grumble grumble. The sad irony will involve me getting pulled over for expired tabs before Monday arrives. (It's the car we rarely drive, but with our main vehicle out of commission. Le sigh.)

Anyway, I had a wicked migraine take me down last night, but the wonderful, stupendous, super husband took the kids out of the house and returned with Taco Bell food. It was so nice.

So, these is a boring post, huh? I did have nightmares last night about getting pulled over before I got my tabs renewed. Then, I also had a dream that someone was trying to notify me that someone close to me named "Mary" had just been killed in a car accident. I know like five or six Marys in real life, so I kept trying to get them to clarify and they kept saying, "It was Mary, you know--Mary." Awful. I was screaming by the end of it, yelling, "GIVE me more information." They said, "Okay. Okay. It was Mary..." and I woke up.


Well, it's time for me to go pick up the kidlets at the bus stop. This is, of course, when any attempts to accomplish things will be null and void and reversed.

Such is life....


  1. I hope your dream doesn't come true! And I hope you can get some flash fiction written. I love flash fiction. :)

  2. Watch out for the po-pos. And Honor 3? Please. With cherries on top. *shiny eyes*

  3. I just finished Honor Among Thieves this afternoon... spent the majority of my vacation day reading it because I couldn't STOP... and I wanted to go ahead and tell you that I am in love with it.

    I'll send some (hopefully) constructive feedback soon, but I just thought you might like to know that I finished. :)

  4. I just checked my inbox and I can hear the hallelujah chorus!!!

  5. Wonderful! Marvelous! :)

    MT--I do love to flash. I think this is the first non-flash-fiction Friday I've had in a long time. Sniff. Sniff.

    Tina times two- :) Enjoy.

    Amber-Yay! I'm glad you liked it. I'm curious to see if you have some of the same comments as the others have.

  6. No such thing as a boring post from you! As for the frustration of not accomplishing things... I can relate.

  7. No such thing as a boring post? Is that a challenge I hear? Huh?