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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To Query or not to Query that is the question.

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the agents to enjoy their holidays or to take queries against a sea of NaNo writers and Holiday Abusers and by opposing--be lost among them. To Query or to sleep. To sleep perchance to dream of another novel. Querying--that undiscovered country from whose bourn none but rejections return. Aye. There's the rub. Who would something something something slings and arrows of outrageous fortune blah blah blah when he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin. (That's a dagger--for all you creeps out there who assume something like "bodkin" must be skanky.) I can't remember the rest, though I once had it memorized. It's a Wednesday and my brain feels mushy. I think I may have even squished things into the wrong places. You get the point. I didn't cheat and look it up--so there. (Aye there's the rub indeed.)

Okay, so everyone loves Honor. That's what I'm getting from betas, from readers, from family. Out of two dozen or so people that have read portions or all of it--they've basically become addicts--and many have passed my hard copies off to others to read. People quote from it. No joke. It's bizarre. This may sound conceited, but I'm going with the insanity defense. Honestly, I feel so disconnected from the genius that is Honor because I swear that Honor writes it herself. I just type as fast as her character spills it. I read back through it after the fact and laugh and cry and feel like an insane person for not remembering the bulk of what I wrote or how it made it into the story. Honor is just like that. She is wicked awesome.

So, I just don't know whether to wait until January or query now. I'm excited about Honor again--especially now that I'm almost done with Honor Six. Plus, a few new people (including my Mom) just got the Honor books, and they're all excited about it. That makes me excited.

Should I query now--should I wait? Aargh! I'm thinking of picking like five or six agents and querying them and then being "done" for December. What do you think? Weigh in. Querying in December--bad idea? Enthusiasm for a project should be capitalized on--or stomped down until the holidays are over?

To Query or not to Query--that is the question.

I won't be around for a few hours--I stopped by the church to see how the whole nativity project is going, and Katie, my friend, looked desperate and said, "Please tell me that you're here to help." So, I'm home to take medicine, sneak in this post, and see if I can find our nativities to loan to them. (Usually they have hundreds of nativities, but I think the sign-ups and notifications weren't as well done this year. Everything looked fairly sparse.) Oh... my dog, Nanaimo is out there whining for someone to play with him. Okay, so I'm home to take medicine, write a dog post--no, blog post, and play with my dog. (In a hurry--brain just shut off.)

Ta, folks.


  1. If your query's ready to go, by all means query (sure you might be battling a slew of Nanobots, but, if anything, that'll probably make your query stand out more).

  2. If you really feel the urge, I'd send out no more then 5 or so and see how it goes. It's a lot of stress to put yourself under just before Christmas though.
    I'm glad your enthusiasm has returned and I hope it sticks around for awhile.

  3. I would say that if you query this week, and only to a few agents who tend to be quick responders, that might be early enough not to be lost among those querying their briskly edited (or not at all) NaNo novels.

    But any later, you'll be only one amidst the dreck, and who wants to concentrate on queries when they're thinking of chestnuts and stockings and nutcrackers and stuff, right?

    Don't stress. Work on something else. Then you'll have one last shot at reworking a fresh manuscript before you query in, say, January/ February.

    Good luck.

  4. Did you see Nathan's post yesterday? Yeah...263 queries. Probably all NaNo. I wonder does he have the patience to REALLY look. If it were me, I'd wait. Honor deserves a good agent, and if they are all busy with annoying NaNo queries they might pass without REALLY looking, and then I'd have to kick them:)

  5. If you feel like you have to query, maybe send out a handful. Although I've read on agent blogs that January is one of the busiest months for agents- all those New Year resolutions from writers.

  6. Ahh, the "to be or not to be" soliloquy. Probably my favorite line EVER in fiction -

    'and in that sleep of death, what dreams may come!'

    I sort-of-say put the query off until Ferbruary, because I don't want you to get rejected based on the busy time of Nano and New Year's queriers.

    BUT, if you wanted to put a few feelers out there, then why not?

    Of course, I get the feeling that you would either go all out or not do it at all. :)

    I can't WAIT to finish HAT.(Honor Among Thieves, clearly!)

  7. Tough call. I took a query break because of all the nanoers and holidays, but it's totally up to you (of course). I like Bane's theory about yours standing out, but I personally don't want to chance it.

  8. I'm torn. Yes amongst the NaNo slush going out HONOR would stand out BUT...I would she get glanced at or the once over. I'd wait.

  9. I'm with Tina, Steph, Amber and Gwoe. February feels a long way off, but there is no rush. After all the work you've put in, Honor deserves a fair look. Caveat: if an agent puts out a call for submissions-- for adult paranormal manuscripts-- don't ignore it. Agents don't ask unless they're looking.

  10. Yeah, it sounds like the consensus is to wait--and with good reason. Actually, Diana just sent me a whole manuscript of line edits for Honor that I need to tackle so maybe it's just as well to wait and polish some more.