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Monday, December 21, 2009

This Holiday Season

I know I was saying I was unplugged after that kissing post, but I just received a news feed for an online medical journal that I subscribe to. This is something that ripped my heart out and I needed to say something. The CDC is stating that the prevalence of Autism is now at 1%. One percent of our children may need a diagnosis and help before it's too late. With Autism, your clock is ticking. The only thing proven to help a child with Autism is immediate and early intervention. (Most insurance companies drop neuro-developmental therapy at seven years old for a reason. It's too late for a substantial impact. The neural pathways are set.) If we hadn't recognized B's symptoms early on--our lives would be vastly different. T's Asperger's, while still on the Spectrum, is much milder--and we wouldn't have recognized it if not for B's history.

If you or someone you know thinks their child might have Autism, we're beyond the point of ignorance in regards to Autism. Don't "wait and see" and don't tell yourself that "my child can't have that." I've been the one to send five or six children to see developmental pediatricians. It absolutely sucks to tell a friend that they need to have their children seen--and I've worried I'd lose a friend over it. I've lost sleep over so many children that aren't mine. Telling someone to see a specialist--that something isn't "right" with their child--it's not easy. Every time--I've been right. The symptoms are there. My familiarity with Autism is way too close. Yes, it sucks having to change everything you've ever known because your child has Autism. Until you're there, watching your life shatter--you'll never now, but it just is and you can't change that. Unfortunately, you just need to buck up and seek help. The clock is ticking. As a parent, I can tell you that I've never met a parent that felt sorry they had their child seen by a specialist. I've met more than my share of heartbroken parents saying that they wished they'd recognized it sooner.

The clock is ticking and, at 1%, someone you love or know has an Autistic child. If you have any questions regarding Autism or OCD, I can be reached at bug@sparrow.us . There are also a multitude of really good sites online detailing symptoms. This holiday season--give a child a chance at true joy.

Okay, back to your scheduled holiday activities. Public service announcement over.


  1. Thanks for the reminder and the offer for help. My nephew has autism and I have him for usually 4 hours a day. Some days are better than others, and usually that's my fault. I'm getting better though, and I *think* he is too...

  2. I'm done having kids. Doctor said another would kill me, but I'll watch out for my friends. Thanks for being such a good friend, Wendy:)

  3. Thanks for spreading the word, Wendy. I wish I'd taken my son to a specialist before he was 6 years old. We knew he was unique, but it wasn't until his kindergarten teacher sat us down and suggested that we have him evaluated did it really hit home just how unique he is. He's seen therapists since being diagnosed with Autism, but I regret that we didn't know to get him help at a younger age.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Thanks Wendy, I've told you about my friend. It won't be easy talking to her about this but you are right. You're always right :)

    I'm with Tina, done having kids too. My pregnancies have beyond normal sickness called hyperemesis, plus I have high blood clotting factors during pregnancy (my mom does as well and suffered a stroke while pregnant with my brother), so more babies is a big no-no for me.