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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Creative Process

Most of the people that follow this blog are most likely writers so, you know, that there is no one way that writers get inspiration. For those that aren't writers, be aware that my particular process is tainted by obsessions, quirks, poor memory retention, and a slightly split personality. Actually, it's my process that is more creative than processing my creativity.

So... I was reading through Without Honor trying to figure out where I was going with that book because revision was starting to wear on my brain. I couldn't figure out what my vague allusions meant but the story was really exciting--right up until I stopped writing it. (I told you... split personality. I vaguely remember writing some of it... sort of.) Then, Hunger Games arrived in the mail. Diana has suggested that the second in that series is the Holy Grail of Writing Perfection. Plus, I've been meaning to get to Hush, Hush. So, being as I was in between projects and without inspiration--it seemed like a good time to get some reading in.

So, naturally, I woke up this morning--in the frigid cold--in the dark--with the soggy wet weather making me feel exhausted. While I was internally complaining and whining, I realized where I was going to go with Without Honor. GAH! What? No! It's the seventh book in a series of unpublished books. (Reeve is so hot!) The seventh book! (Seriously, he really is.) I only keep writing it because I have so many addicts pushing me to it. (And... well... because of Reeve) Also, Honor is sort of fun to write. (Mostly it's Reeve.) Still, I have other WIPs I should be focusing on--really. (I can still think about Reeve while writing them.) I was just re-reading Without Honor to see what I had down. (Also, because Reeve's thoughts are steamy.) Bah!

So, I'm faced with a conundrum. Do I work on Without Honor or read these books--knowing that reading other books sometimes screws with the voices in my head for a bit? So, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "It's no problem, Wendy, just take some notes." (The thought makes me snort laugh.) So, I don't work with outlines. I work with dialogued moments--in my head. I think, "This conversation goes like this and it connects to this." I also leave myself clues to the bigger picture throughout the story--clues that I don't actually know why I'm leaving them until later on. Seriously. I'm constantly surprised when things work out in the end. It's really exciting when one of my characters figures out a clue and tells me.

So, this friend of mine really wants me to read "Hush, Hush" so I'm going to take a stab at notes for Without Honor in the hopes that I'll understand them when I get there.

(For those that read Honor's stuff, spoilers might be ahead, or trying to negotiate your way through what I'm writing might make your head explode. Either way--you're warned.)


Connection to Ares important/Priest important/"Water is drugged" "You need to live."/Thor's backstory should come in/Island--find that island again/Not a hag--get rid of hag stuff/Mutus Liber/raising dead mentioned in book five/six days/Druids/Zombies/Honor targeted due to dreams/looking at boat at Locks/Refocus on date/"I've tasted that. I nearly would have rather died," Clooney said./Elixir of Eternal Death/Some islands might have Rogues on them--eating salmon/Why did Archer get left behind? You left him behind in Clooney's scene/Figure out the passage of time business--find a way or reason to speed up time/Honor dreaming of watching Reeve fight/Reeve has first dream/Motive behind abduction not entirely evil/leave open-ended for eight/Leave Honor behind/prison should not have earth in it--maybe cement or metal/basement/bathroom--just because otherwise that's gross/Ares being a dark magi will require re-explanation of that/You have Merlin, but maybe Gandalf would be better/Guerdon?/Make sure to disarm Honor--twice over because of other weapon/Get Faith a Tuck/she gets away--she? Probably/explain princess Diana's absence/If they have Rogues--they might have Shifts/Who or what are they fighting before Clooney's scene/end on dream or Christmas/mistletoe should keep coming up--wiki it/go back through notes for that one thing that you starred that you thought was cool--whatever it was.

Okay, that was my official brain dump. That is what my creative process looks like. A garble of strange thoughts with intermixed dialogue. I had more dialogue in my head, but it's already slipping away. Okay, I have yoga right now. Ta, all.


  1. Do what's most fun, I say, and doing what's most fun sounds like Reeve to me ;)

  2. Ahahaha, Bane.

    Read. The voices in your head may scatter but they'll come back soon enough.

  3. Doing Reeve? Yeah...Sorry, I drifted off for a moment thanks to BofA. Anyhow, I say write while it's there. The books will be there when you're ready. And I'm not saying that because of my Honor/Reeve addiction...okay, maybe I am a little, but seriously, if it is in your head, do it now!

  4. LOL. You guys crack me up.

    Note to Geeky Husband, I don't know where they get this stuff. They must be reading pretty deep between the lines. It's nuts... really, honey. Swears. XOXO

  5. -snickers-

    Your brain dump cracked me up. Big time.

  6. #reeveishot.

    I think he's going to be the next Edward Cullen.

  7. Alright, that's it. Where do I sign up to be a beta reader?

    (Your notes look like thoughts from a genius. Does that get me anywhere?)
    Winged Writer

  8. Catherine, it's a very complicated process filled with perils and random questions like "Have you ever committed a heinous murder in the last two weeks?" Or... you can just email me while jumping up and down saying "pick me!" If you've been a long-time follower, then you're in. Woo woo! Well, to be honest, if your murder was either heinous or in the last two weeks... you may want to turn yourself in... rather than beta... I'm just saying...

    bug at sparrow dot us

    Let me know what you're up for helping me with (how much of it) and which book. XOXO to all my betas.

    My notes look like the thoughts of a whackjob, though. LOL. Seriously, I really do need to look through my hardcopy Honor books to see what it was I starred as being really interesting. It might be one of those middle of the night dream ideas that sounded really brilliant in theory... but then... you wake up.

    Amber, #reeveissohot.

    Natalie, I'm curious how other people with more "creative" processing think. I suspect that my stream of consciousness writing is more random than others, though.