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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Chuck or not to Up-Chuck... that is the question.

Hurled my little brains out this morning until an empty stomach finally let me sleep... for more than a few minutes at a time. I'm not saying it was having to cut 4K from Scorched yesterday that caused it.... I'm not saying that.... (Wendy raises a sardonic eyebrow.)

LOL. An empty stomach is a truly beautiful thing to have in my world right now. I'm going back to work on Scorched with my bucket nearby. I might get a little crazy in a bit and have an ounce of ginger ale. Woooo!

I hope everyone else's Wednesdays are going better.


  1. awww I hope you feel better soon! Good luck on the editing!

  2. Oh - so sorry you're sick. I read your tweets - you poor thing. So glad your hubby and friends are there to help you. Feel better soon. *hugs*

  3. Feel better! I haven't been tweeting today so I didn't know you were sick-y. :(

  4. Aww sweetie! -huggles- I'm sorry! I hope whatever you have goes away soon!!!

  5. Giggling and your creative use of tags. Even when sick, she still has that sense of humor going. :)