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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday to you!

It's a school holiday due to Martin Luther King Day--which, I have to say, though we're rural, the grade schools really, really do an excellent job about talking about discrimination and the importance of equality for all. They not only have an assembly but they go over it in classes all year. My kids know more about the civil rights movement at their age than I did by Junior High. My kids have a very difficult time understanding the whole concept of treating someone differently because of their race, though. They've been raised in an environment where that just never happens, so it just strikes them as odd. So, they've had more trouble understanding prejudice than avoiding it.

Well, as it's a holiday, you know what kind of email I received. Le sigh. I don't want to talk about it--not really. I did enter a contest at query tracker with Honor Among Thieves. This time the contest was actually open for an hour and a half and not just a couple minutes.

I'm revising Guest of Honor right now with the hopes of having it ready for a lulu run for my Mother-in-law. I'm supposed to be reading North and South. It's hard to read a book that others have said is "tough to get into."

Anyway--stuff to do--Reeve to drool over. I'll keep posting lines as I come across them on Twitter for those that are following my feed.

Happy Monday.


  1. My kids are out of school today, too. Which is why today has felt like Sunday.

    Been following your lines on Twitter when I go over there. Love them:)

  2. Sorry about your *cough* email. :( Your twitter lines are awesome.
    Winged Writer

  3. Agents suck. Okay, not really. Sometimes they just make me mad. (And other times I love them. Go figure :)

  4. I, too, love and adore your tweets.

    Seriously. Because #reeveishot.

  5. I can't believe I doubted that the holiday curse is real. *hugs*

    Your tweets are awesome.

  6. Who the heck is working to ruin your holiday? Ugh!

  7. There is always someone waiting to ruin my holidays, Tina. :) It was actually less painful this time as I was expecting it. LOL.

    Thanks for the tweet, tweet love. (Get it? It's like sweet, sweet love only... never mind.) I'm fairly certain that most people that stumble across my twitter Honor tweets think I've lost my marbles, so I'm glad you guys are digging them. :)