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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The work-life-writing condundrum

This is a particular problem for those of us whose life=writing, "work" =writing, writing=writing. Le sigh. I'm struggling to find balance in my life right now--especially with things I hate. *cough* cleaning and laundry *cough* Ugh. I can't seem to convince myself of the importance of things that I don't like as much as writing. *cough* cleaning and laundry *cough* I know that wanting to be a published writer to earn money isn't supposed to be something we admit to... but wanting to be published writer so that I can pay people to do something that I should be doing instead of writing--sound so good. Le sigh.

Well, this weekend should be busy. I need to get edited versions of my Honor books into Lulu because they're having a sale and my Mother-in-law wants copies of the books. This means I'm editing Guest of Honor--and--wow--it really, really, really needed it.

I've got stuff going on with both Scorched and Honor Among Thieves. If you click on the books to the side--I've set up sites to keep track of those things since those are the books I'm concentrating on right now. I don't expect you to follow them or comment by any means, but if you're curious... you're welcome to. I didn't want my random babbling about them to smother this journal.

Anyway, I should get to work on some of this stuff. Have a good Saturday, everyone!


  1. I struggle with that too.

    But while we're dreaming...I want a cook, launder-er, housekeeper, masseuse, um, what else? Oh! Taxi service to pick up everyone from everywhere when I'm on a writing roll.
    Winged Writer

  2. I know what you mean! When I do laundry and cleaning I think of story ideas, so at least it's almost like writing during that time. Good luck with your lulu print book!

  3. Yes, it's true for me too. I hate cleaning, laundry, and the Terrible Ironing. These things keep me from writing when I want to, and it would be such sweet, sweet redemption to pay for their demise with the very writing they keep me from.