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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fantasy and Reality collide and explode--shrapnel everywhere! Ahhh!

I know what you're asking. What would be the shrapnel of a fantasy and reality collision?

Unicorns. Seriously, they're almost horse, but... not. Once again, unicorns are the answer.

So, in my fantasy "I'm a writer" life, I sent off a query today. (I know, shocked the crap out of me too.) I finished Diana's line edits on Honor Among Thieves last night--really this morning. Well, okay, I haven't finished the page sixty exposition that she wants pared down to help with flow. I'll do that this morning now that I have a fresh idea of what can be cut because it's explained later. That's the goal for this morning.

I also got an answer to my DAW question in a chat room last night, so I'm feeling ahead of the game this morning.

In my reality, I need to tackle laundry, dishes, and post-holiday recovery. I also really, really need to clean the kids' therapy room while they're at school. T has three loose teeth. How does that relate? We can't even cut his hair without him getting spun out of control from sensory input. Having three loose teeth is making him manic--seriously. It's terrifying. With how much it is raining outside today, he won't get enough of that energy burnt off at school. Their therapy room has swings and hammocks and a ball pit and so on. (Yes, we have a play gym inside--with two kids on the Spectrum--it became vital.)

Oh, this week I also need to get busy figuring out what I'm submitting to Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I'm thinking Scorched so I won't have to deal with the "literary novel expectation" that I think might be present in the adult category. I'd rather try to dig my way into the Young Adult category. So, if that's the plan, I need to do a rewrite on Scorched ASAP.

Okay, so that is today. It's a Monday so, per usual, I can anticipate the day falling to pieces and very little getting accomplished, but it's still good to start with a plan of blind faith and determination.

Oh--on the DAW thing, you know how I seem to specialize in holiday rejections? I'm thinking if I submitted on Groundhog's Day--there would be no way they could reject me on Valentine's Day. See! Clever, huh? I know. I'm full of clever ideas. They got back to me really fast last time for it making it to the second reader. I've seen a lot of writers wait for months to hear back from them at all. I think I got a month and a half turn around. For a full hardcopy slushpile entry, that seems fairly good. I mean, for a writer, that's sheer torture, but a lot of agents take longer than that on a query.

Okay, this morning there should be Frosting. I didn't get much sleep. The end of Honor Among Thieves still rocks my world. There were still a few places that made me cry. (It's nice to have such a poor memory. It gives you weird split personality moments to enjoy.) I still laughed in a bunch of places. Reeve is still hot. It was fun. Of course, then I wanted to move on to "editing" book two. Doh.

Okay, good morning, world. Happy Monday to all.


  1. Random Comments:

    When do I get to read book two?!

    I love that you made "Reeve is hot" a trending twitter topic.

    Aah, the unicorn. The little horse that lost its horn. (I'm Glass Menagerie obsessed.)

  2. Amber, I usually just wait for those that read book one to demand it. It's an ego boost, and I'm self-absorbed like that. Actually, usually those that finish book one accuse me of tricking them into reading book two via not having Reeve and Honor kiss in book one. Seriously, though, I didn't start out the book planning out things and they just worked that way.

    That reminds me: The silver lining to not getting published when writing the first of the series is that, later on, when you want to change things to fit later books better--you can. I spent a lot of the holidays going back for inconsistencies between my Honor books, and I was grateful that I could do it.

    Oh... and, yes, Honor and Reeve kiss in book two and it's worth the wait. Mmmm. Book two kissing scenes. Yummmm...

  3. Well, Reeve IS hot. It only seems natural.

    YAY!! I'm proud of you Wendy!!!! Revisions can be wonderful things even though they're hard. Good job! *Hugs* *Kisses* *Spoonfuls of frosting*

    Sharing a brain with you is so much fun. Look what we're doing on Twitter, *slightly evil laugh*

    Hmm, this banning you from my blog thing is a pain. Why did I put so many Hunger Games/Catching Fire spoilers in that post???? Oh yeah, because doing so rocked. I should post something new so you can come over and play. (Singing, "Missing You" over and over as tears continually drip onto my keyboard).

  4. I always wonder if these back and forth sessions on Twitter that might seem nonsensical (and--in reality--are) might lead to a decrease in our followers but, so far, they're willing to ignore the rambling. Even all the sheety talk of yesterday.

  5. WOW! You are rocking today. Even if you get nothing else accomplished, I'd say this is one zinger of a Monday.

  6. I hear what you're saying, Catherine. You're agreeing with me that the likelihood of me getting anything else accomplished is basically nil. You're so right.

  7. Yes, I lost a follower yesterday, but maybe he/she didn't like sheety Tweets? I'm trying to put in a few Tweets for the people today. I gained two new Followers. I won't give up our nonsensical back-and-forths. Followers must understand that I need my Wendy.

    Lol on the comment above this (now filed under, "Reasons why Wendy rocks").

    That is all.

  8. Wendy,

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm a follower of yours now too :)

  9. I have nothing of significance to say. Brain=mush. My house is a shamble of boxes. I'm exhausted. And I think I just want to sit around watching weepy movies like, Steele Magnolias, for the rest of the year. Yes, I know it just started.

  10. Rej. Queen- For some reason that came off like a cat call in my head. "HEY (wolf whistle) nice blog!"

    Aubrie- Welcome to the blog.

    Tina- I'm so sorry. You're having a lame year so far. Seriously, the Chinese New Year is coming. Tiger. Valentine's Day. Rowr!

  11. Seriously, though, I didn't start out the book planning out things and they just worked that way.

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