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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Supplication

Hey, I'm entering Honor Among Thieves into a contest in the morning. I've written out a few blurbs for that purpose and I'm trying to figure out which one to go with. If you've got the time and interest--just click on the picture of the Honor Among Thieves book to the side of here.

Today has already been stressful. T is out of control due to his loose tooth (he lost one tooth, but he has two more loose teeth.) He's been so buzzed that I gave him caffeine gum to chew to calm him down before church. He was good as gold for church, but he's re-amped up again, so he got another piece of gum. I'm hoping he calms down before the husband and I start screaming uncontrollably. Last night was the last straw in our patience--he was freakishly out of control. I need to get the citrus mints with caffeine in them again. It was like a miracle this morning when I found the gum--as part of a desperate search for anything containing caffeine.

(For those that are baffled by why I'm giving a hyper-active child caffeine--it has the opposite effect on the hyper-active and children prone to mania and over-stimulation. That's why the bulk of ADHD meds are stimulants for the rest of the population.)

I've been fighting headaches all week so if I'm a little more scattered than normal--that would be why. (Well, also T has been out of control all week due to his teeth.) I finally figured out it was my Twitter background causing eye-strain, so I switched it out and hopefully I'll be able to cut back on the ibuprofen.

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