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Monday, January 4, 2010

We're Alive! Back again in 2010

I survived--barely. It was touch and go there. I'd planned on other blog posts while we were away, but then puke happened--again and again and again. T puked for three days straight. The husband and I both got colds and the flu. B has been overwhelmed and under-eating. I'm not sure what is up with her actually.

But, I'm back.

Tomorrow will be a bright and shiny day after a whole night in my own bed. There is something bright and sparkly and happy about that. After two weeks away, my bed sounds even more sparkly and special than a bunch of angsty teenage vampires.

We're all very, very, very excited to get back to our regularly scheduled, non-puking life.

We've only been home minutes, so I'm going to go touch all the beautifullness and specialness that is home before crashing in my bed... my bed. I need sleep in such a bad way. Can you tell?

Goodnight--Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. Yay!!! I made you a bright and sparkly banner... hold on a sec while I unroll it... and hang it up-- WAIT don't look yet... now for the balloons... a bouquet on either side... and hold on while I get my party hat and blower... this going to rock... (giggle!!)... wait for it............ waiiiit forrrr ittt.........


    (There are people who know awesome buttons to push to make dots and stuff appear beautiful. Sorry for my mediocre skills, but envision the beauty I intended. So happy to have you back Wendy).

  2. I hear angels singing. I think the stars have aligned and I need to buy a lottery ticket. Utah? I thought you got lost in Yemen, destined never to return.

    Man I have missed your cute comical self. Life has been on hold without your antics. Sleep little angel and dream of fluffy blogs filled with all things Wendyful. Nitey Nite. Don't let the lady bugs bite.

  3. So glad you're back, Wendy. Hope you get awesome rest tonight.

  4. Haha! Welcome home! I'm glad you're all feeling better!

  5. Aww. You guys are so wonderful. Thanks, everyone.

    Yemen... I bumped into Chandler there. (I must be old for making the "Friends" connection.)

    Banner was awesome, Di. XOXO