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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Eleven-- Hello Victory meet Defeat

So, I'm set to pass 50 K today. For those that are wondering, did she not pass 50 K on Day 10 because it was an even number? Some might say that, possibly.

Come on, though. Eleven is both odd and prime--how could I resist?

On the other hand, I also got a rejection today--of the partial request. This means that I should sit down, evaluate, and send out a few more queries. I really get into my queries, though, so it's a huge time commitment. Plus, I'm a little at a loss to know where to go from here. I don't know what I should query or if maybe I should go back and do another set of revisions. I don't know.

This process is a downer, you know?

I seem to be specializing in rejections received on holidays. "Yay! I have the whole day to (opens inbox) spend contemplating my worth as a person and a writer." I got a rejection on Halloween too. (Big ouch, huh?)

Anyway, as luck would or would not have it, this was the only agent I sent Re: Straint out to, and that's also the one that made it into the contest last night.

So, I guess today's post is about continuing writing not always because you're recognized, or published, or whatever. It's about continuing not because it's healthy, because anyone who can type 50 K in eleven days is so far from healthy. (Plus, I am, in fact, the direct opposite of healthy thanks to this nasty cold.) It's not even about even or odd numbers or going to 51K because it's odd. Well, it's a little about that. It's about continuing writing because somewhere deep in your shriveled and sad little soul, it's what you are and "not writing" isn't actually possible.

Anyway, I've conned someone into letting me ditch the kids with them after a minimal amount of infecting them with my presence. In the mean time, goodbye, cold, cruel world and warm, funny, and caring followers.


  1. Aww, sorry about the rejection. -hugs-

    And I agree. Writing is part of who we are. Never give up!!

  2. Dang girl! You are flying :)

    Best of luck hitting that today and... no goblin king, right? I mean, I'm just checking, after yesterday's post and all. Most of the labyrinth seems to be outdoors, which can't be good in November with a cold.

  3. Rejection is a way of life. For most of us writers, its the only way. Keep going. Not that you should listen to me. I've stopped my writing after so many rejections. And I've had the same questions. To keep querying or to revise? Thankfully I have the prospect of losing my job to occupy my time until Thanksgiving.

    And for the record, 51 K may be a strange number, but it is not an odd number.

  4. 50k in 11 days??!! That's insane!

    You're right though. I keep writing in the face of massive odds because I can't not. Plus, I reassure myself that I'm getting better because I can't get any worse! LoL

    Good luck with the queries.

  5. Absolutely 100% agree with all you said. It sounds like getting rejected is all part of the "wonderful" journey of being a writer. It sounds like you're not going to let it get you down - good for you!! Just keep trying. And it's fantastic that you're blazin past the 50K mark today. Healthy, schmealthy ... it might sound crazy in the real world, but in the writing world, you're a champ baby!

  6. Sorry about the rejection, Wendy. I know it's supposed to be a part of the process but I can't help but wonder if it ever gets easier accepting them and moving on.

    I continue to be amazed at the sheer volume of your writing. I wish I could write half that fast.

    Hope your cold goes away soon!

  7. Ugh! Spent some fabulous time in Urgent Care with T. He got slammed into the edge of a bed frame by a little girl half his size. Head wound in his eyebrow around an inch long and several millimeters deep. It was on the verge of needing stitches, but they went with glue. It's already pulled open, and it's only been two hours--so we may end up getting those stitches after all.

    T is an old pro with injuries due to sensory problems and poor body awareness. He's had staples, stitches and glue. Most of his head wounds are covered by hair, but we once were known by name and reputation at the urgent care.

    Long day. Sigh.

    I just don't know where to go from here on the writing. I keep trying to convince myself that I'm fine after rejections, but it's always hard not to take it personally.

    Natalie, thanks.

    L.T.--the Goblin King said it was too late--they were already goblins and they already had those.

    Matt, it's good that you have something to occupy the hours. :)

    Jade, it's the massive odds that are getting to me. Being good doesn't mean you're good enough, you know?

    Julie, yep, once I pass 50 K, I'll be king among some. (I don't like the sound of Queen. I'd rather be king.)

    Sesq- I don't know if it gets any easier, but I keep hoping that I don't have to keep receiving them to find out.

    I think it's dinner time followed by frosting time.

  8. More hugs for you. "Can't not write" ... that is exactly right.

    I am proud of you.

  9. There should be an Oscar for writing the most words while piling the highest tower of tissues. It'd have your name all over it (possibly along with sneezy goo).

    And speaking of rejections...you're not alone. I got one yesterday--the second this month. Sniff. Don't worry, the mail doesn't come on Thanksgiving or Christmas so you're safe for awhile.

    Hope you and your son get better soon!

  10. Thanks, Diana and Catherine. Nice bright side and catch on the holiday thing--except these are coming via email. You almost had me fooled, though--which probably indicates a need for more sleep. I might just skip checking email over the holidays. In all fairness to agents, no day is good to receive a rejection.

    I feel like song #5 on my playlist--breakable.

    Crap. I picked a bad month to stop eating chocolate... and sniffing glue.

  11. Hi Wendy! I just found your blog today (not sure how I've missed it before this) and I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your posts and how much I admire your positive attitude. I'm not to the point of querying yet, but I hope when I get there I'll handle rejection as well as you do. Feel better, thanks for sharing and I hope you don't mind that I'm following your blog now.

  12. Thanks, Shannon. You've tipped me back to an odd number of followers--you're more than welcome to follow me. :)

  13. Blech. Another agent that did not recognize your brilliance. Their loss.

  14. What on earth is wrong with these people?!? It reminds me of movie critics. If a movie is a critic favorite I can guarentee you I will hate it...and 90% of the movie going public with find it boring beyond belief. What turns critics and agents from normal people into people with tastes no one can relate to? And yet we respect their opinions?!

    Wendy I love your books! In fact it's been so long since I read one (a month or so) that I'm starting to get the shakes. I know you put an addictive chemical in your books that makes me crave them fortnightly! I have been toying with the idea of calling you up to beg for something that is only partly written so I can get my "fix".

    Don't give up! You are my favorite author! And the so-called "experts" can take their opinion and shove it up their...(hmmm maybe I shouldn't. Mom does read this occassionally)...tailpipe! So there!

  15. My poor sweet ladybug, I don't like to see you so sad. You know me, your #1 stalker, is here to pep you up. I've only read the wit between the lines and I must say I think you are fabulous. I agree with Jaime, though I must add I am jealous of her. She's read something of yours, lucky girl.(or of course Jaime could be a boy's name, sorry back on topic)

    You have an amazing way with the pen (or keys) and I have no doubt your opportunity will come calling soon. Keep the faith!

  16. GwOE- Jaime is my sister and privy to reading whatever she wants as long as it stops the harassment. I loved what you've been writing over at Flashy Fiction, btw. You're full of awesomeness. Thank you for the pep talk. I've been feeling lame-ish today, and it was really nice.

    Jaime- How do you feel about pyrodemons and guys named Asher? You're so close to it. I was just writing and Asher came up with this brilliant idea of how to end it. Plus, some angst worked its sad little way in. I love me some angst. I'm about one week from ending this pyromaniac's love story. (Good movie--probably panned by so-called critics.) To be honest, I'm a little surprised no one has been harassing me about books--especially not the sixth Honor. Maybe I just always look so tired or sick that they're afraid I'm on the edge.

    I'm a donkey on the edge.

    Anyway, so yeah. I should have this book ready for you to read in a week or so now that I've realized how it's meant to end. I had a very weird schizophrenic moment about twenty minutes ago when Asher came up with this brilliant idea and I thought, "That's it! That's Brilliant! Asher, I could just kiss you for thinking that up!" Then, it felt weird because he's like eighteen... and well... fictional... and in my head. He is really hot, though. Those fictional guys. You know how they are. They just break your heart. Besides, I'm not the cougar type.

    *crickets chirp Wendy's made it awkward*

    Anyway, so, uhh... yeah. I'm off to go have some frosting.

  17. Oh, Tina, thank you. You always say the right "mommy-like" thing. I'm sure your daughter loves you to death.

  18. Congrats on completing your NaNo novel!! Awesome. Hey, you are not alone in receiving rejections of late. I've had 3 in the past 2 weeks. It's no fun. But remember, it only takes ONE yes. :)

  19. I take it you're a stay-at-home mom, too? Sorry to hear about your rejection. Remember Stephen King had so many he was able to wallpaper his room with them. And that was when getting published was "easy". This was just one agent's opinion. Maybe another will like it. Or maybe you do need to work on the story some more. Do you have a critique group or Beta readers who could look at your work and tell you if another revision is the best option?

    Lynnette Labelle

  20. Scobber-- It's sad, but my misery is loving all this company, so thank you for sharing your rejection grief.

    Lynnette, I'm a stay-at-home mom. Before this year, it was because my kids are both SN and there was lots and lots of therapy to run them to, and they're complicated in special ways. Now, the economy is vile and while T is in first grade--there is no guarantee that sickness or whatever won't require me to be home. Diana, my family, and friends do a lot of beta-ing for me. I've already got a few of them trying to figure out where I should go from here. I think I'll submit Re:Straint a few places as soon as I really finish my current WIP from NaNo.