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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day Twenty-four and a bit--and finished.

That's right! Woo woo! At 80, 407 words, it's finished. Scorched is done--other than a massive rewrite, because I decided my new villain needed a more central role--and redemption. Sweet! A redeemed villain.

Plus, I changed about three people's names today alone. Holy cow! Everyone got a new name today. I even swapped a shadowhound's name with a demon. So there. Neeners.

Still, it's done. This calls for Frosting and maybe some sugary liquid of some kind. I could go for some ginger ale.


  1. congratulations!! 80k!!! I am positively green with envy.

    I've got some name changing to do myself...one cannot have a Milton and Martin in the same story..too similar. What was I thinking?


  2. Insanely jealous, but doing a little happy dance in your honor.


  3. Hurrah!!!

    I'm a little late to the party, soooo... how was the frosting?

  4. Frosting was good!!! Thanks, everyone!!!

    Shelley, I've been having the same problem--names too, too, too similar. I've also grown so enamored of the name "Theresa" for some reason that I tried to have two Theresas in one of my books, and I've tried to rename people to Theresa in this book. You might not know this but, apparently, Felicia is close enough to Theresa that they can be the same person and everyone will get it. (That should have been in the sarcasm font.) Luckily, I'm hip to my Theresa crush, and I caught it before it got out of hand.