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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day Twenty-eight- Getting all blurbular

So, now that it's done, I rewrote my back-cover blurb for Scorched:

Sidra is obsessed and teased by the thought of fire. It consumes her every waking thought and is the focus of all her art. Nothing matters as much as capturing the light and depth of reds, oranges, blues, purples, and the occasional common yellow.

Well, that's not true anymore.

There is something decidedly strange about the hot new guy in school, Asher. He doesn't seem to care about popularity or grades. Associating with her certainly guarantees his social life will go up in flames. Plus, he asks a whole lot of questions about why she is called "Scorch." When mysterious fires get closer, Sidra knows it's only a matter of time before they start asking "Scorch" questions. People are already staring--well, it's mostly just them--those guys that all look alike.

Hopefully, no one finds the paintings of the fires that she painted before they happened. She didn't set these fires, though. Really. She's too busy fighting ghosts that like to chew on her underwear and deal with her father's past sins that haunt her. He pretty much smoked their little family. She doesn't have time to set fires.

Asher, though--he's been at all the fires, and he casts a strangely dark shadow. What about that dog? The dog that sometimes is with him. It's huge and dark but disappears like a fire jarred.

As things start to make sense--someone else steps into the heated circle. The guy she's been dreaming about is real--like really real--and he might like fire a little more than Scorch. He certainly knows about heat.

Asher. Demons. Dogs. Fire. Maybe it's time to sit back and chill.

Scorch can't, though. What--are you kidding? She just loves to play with fire. She might get burnt, but with Asher around--she'll probably get scorched.

On a completely different subject, I want to work on querying Honor Among Thieves. I'm looking for two or three betas to read the first three chapters. Let me give you the low-down on it. Actually, I'll just give you the back blurb on this too.

Honor is accustomed to meeting monsters, so it should come as no surprise to her that the man she met in the bookstore is more than he appears. Speaking of monsters, the killer that has been dogging her steps for years has hunted her down. Honor may be a thief, but she had no intention of stealing the lives of those around her just for her own protection. Even if all these vampires are twice her size, can they really keep up with her?

The Tiger is coming for its prey, and Honor may have to be a team player if she wants to live. Sure this new guy can growl, but how's his bite? Wait... she knows that already.

As her past and present collide...

Who is fiction?

Who is real?

Who is just a monster anxious for her blood?

So, I'm looking for betas that WILL enjoy the premise of an adult vampire urban fantasy with a twist. I've had dozens of people that have enjoyed this book, so I'm looking for someone to make sure my hook is right and early enough and Honor's voice is clear. So, if you didn't enjoy Twilight... consider this outside your realm of interesting--even though it's a book for adults. I'm really overly protective about this book--so I'm also not looking for strangers. In fact, I might have Di help me eeny-meeny-minie-mo based on who would be the most helpful.

Wow. I'm quite the picky person to be asking for help. Please help...NO..NOT YOU...Anyone but you!!! Not you either!!!

Yeah. I'm a freak, but you all knew that.


  1. BTW--my email is bug at sparrow dot us for those interested.

  2. Oh, I am so excited. But I agree with Wendy. It's important to be interested in the genre before going in for a beta. That being said, Honor rocks such awesome socks, I don't know who wouldn't love her. Seriously.

  3. And I love both of the blurbs. Scorched is such an original idea, it will stand out. But now we know to wait until January...

  4. I'd love to beta for you! My email is on my blog profile.

  5. Awesome, Tina and Amber. I'll email them to you.

  6. Scorched sounds--dare I say it?--hot!

    I'd love to beta but I'm not sure I'd pass your stringent criteria!

  7. Don't be a dork, Jade. You're not a stranger, we write in the same genre, and you're wicked awesome. You passed my criteria a long time ago. You have just moved, though, and you're busy with SRH and NaNo. So, I think you're nuts for even wanting to beta. We're tight, though, and if you ever want to read anything I've written--you need only ask.

    Scorched is hot. Asher is so hot. His first person narrative was fun to write.

  8. This is all true. Wait, why am I blogging and not finishing NaNo? Write, damn you, write.

    We'll definitely beta hook-up at some point.
    Now back to Archer, I mean Lola.

  9. You can do it, Jade! You can win this thing!

  10. Okay, I am a relative stranger...but I do love a good fantasy! And I relished your blurbs, so I have to volunteer. (I won't be hurt if you want to pass. I know what it's like to hand your "baby" off to someone else.)

  11. Meh--we're all relative strangers in the grand scheme of things, Catherine. Email me, and I'll suit you up with three chapters.