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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day One Down! Surname Casualty

Well, poor Seth's last name was a casualty tonight. His name isn't... whatever I said it was. I needed him to meet Sidra in alphabetized homerooms.

I got in some good writing today. I crossed 5000 words just now--ten minutes before midnight. It feels good to write and write and write.

I should check the fire before I go to bed. B just woke up. She might have just had a nightmare--she has them too.

So, yay, NaNoWriMo is officially on. I'm already cruising toward my goal--which will most likely be to actually FINISH the book at 75,000, but we'll see. I keep hitting rough patches the last two months. I think it's all the rewriting and querying. Still, I haven't been cruising through the books at warp speed lately.

Okay--my kids have school tomorrow. I'm off to try to sleep.


  1. Hey, that's impressive. I think I did a little under 5k. I'm also hoping to have the first draft done by the end of the month (about 75K) too.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. This is great! Good luck with the rest of the month. It's really exciting that so many writers are just writing and writing and writing without inhibition.

  3. Good solid start and best of luck :)

  4. Wow! 5 k in a day. Wow! That's about all I can say.

    *shakes head, mumbling, "Dang, I thought my 1500 words was impressive."*


  5. Congratulations. You had an awesome start. If I could have just one day like that, I'd be jumping up and down. I am also hoping to get somewhere in the neighborhood of a completely finished novel also by the end. I got a good start yesterday too (though not nearly as good as yours).

  6. Thanks, everyone! Go team!

    I feel like a cheater, though, because I write/type so fast. It's the voices in my head. They demand speed.