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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day Twenty-three--when your villain becomes shades of gray

So, I figured out what was up with Scorched. It came to me last night while I was typing. I had the wrong guy cast as the villain. A new character had appeared, and he is going to be a "gray" villain. He's not entirely bad, but he's not good. His motives are based on an unhealthy desire for someone. He was like a secondary villain, but I've decided he is much more of a main character villain.

That's not to say that my previous villain wasn't a villain. He is--and he'll, hopefully, still be a surprise. He just lacked passion, so exterminating him was going to feel a little like squashing a cockroach in the last scene--sure he is evil, but he was just going through the motions. (Don't you hate it when evil just becomes rote?)

Anyway, that also means that I might need to back-up and rewrite earlier. He comes in a little late, but we'll see how that works. I'm struggling with villain issues in Honor six too. Those villains.

Luckily, this new guy I've been casting as villain will do nicely.


Oh... ouch. I'm digging my way out of a migraine. The husband stayed home to make sure the kids made it off to school. So, no more loud evil laughter. Everyone keeps their evil laughter to themselves. I might go sit in front of the fire for a while again too.


  1. My sympathies on the migraine. Ugh.

    Glad the villains are working out, and I'll keep my evil laughter down to a whisper, I promise!

  2. Seems like everyone's been having migraines lately--feel better! I love gray villains. They're so much more interesting to read.

  3. (bwahahahaaa.)

    Note the muted evil laughter. No exclamations points or anything.

    Feel better :)

  4. Ugh. Migraines are the worst! I've battled them off and on for the past few years. I hope yours disappears soon!

    I'm glad you're feeling better about scorched and your gray villain.

    Oh, and I'll try to subdue my evil laughs for the moment.

  5. I love gray villians, too. They're so much more complex than the plain out evil ones. One of my favorites was Doc Ock (sp?) from the Spiderman movie. I actually felt sorry for him.

  6. Sorry about the headache, but yay for the surprise villain. I have a covert villain in my WIP- he's fun to write, but I hate him so much!

  7. Writing the villains is the funnest!

  8. I chose to write my book because of the ambiguous villain.

  9. Gray villians = all the boys in my story. Hrmph.

  10. Hi Wendy. So...I don't know if you care at all about blog awards, but I'm giving you one: The Honest Scrap Award. If you want to collect it (and you don't have to) you can pick it up here: http://ramblingsofawannabescribe.blogspot.com/2009/11/honest-scrap-award.html

  11. This happens to me all the time. Quite literally: I've never written a book in which the bad guy was the person I originally intended. So I'm right there with you!

  12. Hey, thanks to everyone who kept their muted evil laughter to a minimum. :) I appreciated it. My migraine was touch and go all day, so any posts in blogs that I managed--may have not made any sense. It wiped me out again last night, so I crashed at nine p.m. You'd think that would have made getting up at 7 a.m. easier, but it didn't. Every so often my body shuts down and demands sleep to make up for all the other nights. Plus, this is weird, but I seem to sleep much better since I cut out all chocolate from my diet.

    Anyway, thank you to everyone for your nice comments--and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes them conflicted and bad. :)